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a mobile with various options of ringtone ??

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I want to know on which kind of mobile I can record any type of voice ( say I record one announcement from TV ) and set it as a ringtone ?

and can we assign something like if an incoming number starts with 9122 then I can assign it to mumbai , 9133 to kolkata like that ?/

I am going to buy a SE mobile . I basically like the flap ones . So thinking of a w300 . lets see .


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For the first query most of the mobile with voice recording, today will be able to do that. You can record the voice as an mp3(mostly by default). And the phone should be able to play mp3 ringtones. SE W300i, that you are thinking about can do that.
BTW, what is your budget?
Also, I guess you can have a look at MotoRazr V3i, because MotoRazr has stereo speaker whereas W300i has mono speakers.
I didn't get the incoming number query properly, but I haven't actually seen any such thing. Maybe possible with some additional software.
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