1. S

    MP3 to ringtone

    i just want to know whether there is some software which could convert any MP3 to Nokia Key press format ringtone. I will be happy if that is going to be a freeware :)
  2. H

    Nokia Battery Consumption Ratio

    Friends, I want to know which thing in mobile take maximaum battery cnsumption. Is it Ringtone, Vibrator, Radio, Playing Games or any other thing.
  3. ax3

    Airtel ringtone ???

    hey want Airtel ka ringtone ??? mono, bt poly mangata hai ... any site ???
  4. ax3

    ringtone software ???

    any ringtone editing software, where u don`t have 2 type-out the actual tone ??? bt instead u have 2 press the same keys as u do in phones composer has ...
  5. J

    How can i send data to my phone

    hi i have a SE T230.Can you tell me about asoftware which will help me to send ringtone ,pictures to my cell phone? :roll:
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