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  1. S

    Auxus AX03G - The new revolution

    Looks like this one is having a call facility under 10K and Bluetooth too! Auxus AX03G waiting to get any review. It should be good. update: It has 24 GB of internal memory. Can't believe myself. http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=85777&magid=11 it will be Froyo!? Not sure guys...
  2. K

    Laptop at 35k

    1) What is your budget? 35k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? None 4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Lots...
  3. K

    Need help

    I wanted to buy a laptop and have shortlisted these three: My requirements are heavy multitasking and using photoshop, visual studio, 3dmax etc. and for gaming. If you have any suggestions in budget of around 30-35k please suggest HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop AMD A8 Quad Core/4GB/500GB/Win...
  4. Z

    Please help me choose between these 2 laptops

    hi, i'm looking for a mid range laptop and have narrowed down my choices to 2 models based on my budget Samsung NP305E5A-S01IN: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Samsung Notebook and Samsung NP300E5Z-S08IN 2 Gen Ci5/4GB/750GB/1GB graphics/DOS: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Samsung Notebook...
  5. K

    Help me choose

    Thinking of buying a laptop Going to use it for heavy software such as Maya and also for gaming and lots of multitasking Please tell the better between the two or recommend something better in similar price Asus K53SD-SX805D / 2nd Generation Core i3 / 4 GB / 500 GB / Free DOS...
  6. K

    Laptop config

    Thinking of buying a laptop Going to use it for heavy software such as Maya and also for gaming Please Rate the graphics and processor of this laptop Samsung NP300E5Z-S08IN 2 Gen Ci5/4GB/750GB/1GB graphics/DOS: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Samsung Notebook Do I get a better laptop in...
  7. S

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4

    Here is the Good In dept Review of ASRock Z77 Extreme4:-o ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Review - Introduction
  8. S

    please review my config

    Mobo-- z77 asrock extreme 4 gen-3 @9500 CPU-- i5 2500k @ 11900 HDD-- 1Tb wd @5200 Ram-- 4gb *2 gskill ripjaws@ 3300 Cd rom-- Asus dvd rw Gfx-- Ati 7850 2gb @ 14900 monitor-- Dell 23" @9500 keyboard-- razer arctosa @1990 mouse-- razer deathadder @2400 wifi dlink @ 790 cabinet -- nzxt...
  9. A

    want review for Zebronics 16 Port Switch Network Switch

    hello we friends are thinking to buy a network switch for playing counter strike as it lags when played on the wifi i would like to have advise nd if possible a review on Zebronics 16 Port Switch Network Switch our budget is around 1500 ( the lesser it is ...better ;) )
  10. A

    HP v240b 8 GB Flash Drive

    Hello! I've been looking for a 8 GB Flash Drive and came across the deal offering the HP v240b 8 GB PenDrive for Rs. 390. I don't need a USB 3.0 drive because I don't have any computers with USB 3.0 ports and I don't intend to buy any new PCs for another 2 years. I looked around on the...
  11. RON28

    what is the difference between GT540M and GT 630M?

    does anyone here own a laptop with graphic card GT 630M? if yes then can you please do me a favour by just posting your fps with following games at medium settings with native resolution? BF3, MW3, MAFIA II, GTA IV, DIRT 3 and yes last but not the least CRYSIS 2 :-D here in this review...
  12. Ayuclack

    Tt eSport Shock Gaming Headset Review

  13. Ayuclack

    Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse Review

  14. abirthedevil

    Tekfusion Twinwoofers

    These have been available for quite a while and judging from the number of reviews from flipkart they seem to be selling quite well Flipkart.com: Tekfusion - Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones (Black Chrome): Headphone was wondering if any audiophile here who owns them might do a review or something...
  15. dashing.sujay

    Cooler Master GX 450W

    Guys I came across this CM GX 450W PSU. It has got some very good reviews as opposite to my expectations. It also carries a 5 yr warranty. Gives Corsair cx430v2 or same range seasonic a good run IMO. Check them out- Cooler Master GX 450 W Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets Coolermaster...
  16. sumonpathak

    FX 8150 overclocking on air

    Full review : AMD Bulldozer FX 8150 CPU Review : OCFreaks! HI guys... recently got an FX 8150 sample from AMD along with a Crossahir V Formula for review purpose,I thought i should share the benchmarks results when comparing it to a 2500K(the competitor). So here goes.. NOTE: the graphs are made...
  17. vickybat

    Corsair Carbide 300R review

    That's right people. Corsair has once again unleashed another beauty for the entry level ( arguably) market. But it offers all the features of high end cabinets and inherits corsair's legendary build and feel. It boasts a tool-free design and its no surprise. Though price is a bit steep at the...
  18. tusharkeshri

    HP DV6 6165 tx Review

    Its already more than 7 days of my DV6 model so i thought to start the review of this laptop. Pros: 1. Amazing graphics and processor,with i-7 processor and AMD Raedon Graphics throw any game at it ,it will give u amazing experience. currently playing Crysis 2 in it. I daily play...
  19. A

    Lenovo Ideapad Z570 Review

    Just bought the Ideapad Z570 !! Specs : Intel Core i5 @ 2.4ghz 4GB RAM, 2GB Nvidia GT 540M 750GB HDD Price : INR 39,990 ! Plus a bunch of accessories ! Will post a detailed review and pics as soon as i get it all up and running. Presently, working fine, running very cool and no...
  20. Freedom.Forever

    Award winning REVIEW of HP DV6-6155TX laptop.

    Very good laptop This is the best deal from HP. Notebooks look and feel is really good. It has a bright display and with 1 GB of GDDR5 RAM, it plays HD movies without hiccups. The keyboard feel is very good. The touchpad has a smooth surface which is really important. Other laptop vendors...
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