1. S

    Queries about Backup & Restore in Android

    Does this feature consume high amount of data? Is it possible to enable this for certain apps only? What happens I have multiple devices with same app but different settings?
  2. I

    Custom Backups of Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

    Hello everyone. I have created numerous folders on Mozilla Firefox and have bookmarked multiple links within each of them; as depicted by the illustrative image below - I desire to create backups of the custom folders and its subsequent corresponding links, such that, I can then restore them...
  3. D

    Restore whatsapp messages?

    I am unable to restore whatsapp messages from crypt8 file. It fails after reaching 76%. Also everytime i reinstall whatsapp for restoration attempt i have to wait for countless hrs for next verification msg or call to appear.
  4. bajaj151

    How to Recover whatsapp chat from SAVED database

    I took a backup of whatsapp/database folder. How to restore messages using backup? My saved database files are like: msgstore.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-03.1.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-04.1.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-05.1.db.crypt8 1) Keep t in internal storage under whatsapp /databases...
  5. Subhankar Mondal

    How to restore photos from keep safe in my android mobile ?

    I installed and used keep safe in my android but I forgot the email id and password which I used in keep safe . How can I restore photos now ?
  6. Cyberghost

    How to backup and restore Origin Games??

    Hii I recently bought simcity from origin. I want to know how to backup this origin game.... Please help....
  7. srkmish

    Frustrated with Wireless Adapter stopped working. Have to use System Restore each time

    Hi Guys, Since 3-4 months, sometimes my wireless adapter stops working all of a sudden. When i remove and plug it back in, it doesnt light up and windows says Not able to install software, corrupted or something. Reboot doesn't work, Restarting the wireless adapter service doesnt work. The...
  8. C

    Is it good to backup os partition & small system partition?

    1. im thinking about backup the small system partition, Windows 8.1 & win 7 (Both x64 os) but i heard that there are always issue even when hardware is not change after backup & restore os. which is better clean install or backup with utility like acronis true disk? 2. Which utility is better...
  9. tkin

    Best method to take a full system backup and restore it.

    So guys, my Seagate HDD is dying, time to switch it with my WD Black as the primary hdd, so how can I do it? I had already taken a backup using windows backup system, now how can I restore it? Since its the OS restore can I restore it using windows recovery disc? Or do I need to install OS first...
  10. harshilsharma63

    System volume information taking disc space even when System Restore is off

    Hi, I have an External hard disc on which the system volume information is taking up 27.7 GB of space even though System Restore disabled for this drive. I was successfull in taking the folder's ownership but no file could be deleted. The drive is Bit locker protected so I can't delete from live...
  11. S

    Windows Firewall, Action Centre, Recovery Options, System Backup access denied!

    Hello, Serious Problem with my Sony Viao E series VPCEB31EN laptop, Runs Windows 7 home basic with a Pentium P6100 (2ghz) , hard disk 320 gb and memory 2 gb Actually yesterday night, my little brother (moron) allowed some random user from yahoo chat to remote access my laptop to solve his...
  12. A

    HP Desktop 7900 restore error - Red Screen FBI GUI error - Factory Restoration error

    We have a HP Desktop 7900 ( C2D, 2GB RAM) with preinstalled Vista Business 32 bit. It had a booting problem in normal mode, worked well in safe mode. The machine was in warranty period so contacted the HP service. They identified the problen in hard disk and replaced it with a fresh one. The...
  13. F

    New HP laptop - Trouble with system image backup and partitioning.

    Hello. I recently purchased the new HP Envy 6-1002tx. 1. I am unable to do a the standard windows 'create a system backup' in the Backup and Restore option. After a while, it gives a 0x80070002 error saying 'The system cannot find the file specified' ; and my External hard drive...
  14. T

    Ghost Backup Image

    Last time I was performing backup, the pc unexpectedly shut down, while the backup process was incomplete. After booting, the incompletely backed image was taking 89GB space, so I deleted it. But again the next time I turned on my pc, it magically reappeared. Since then I tried deleting it...
  15. nisargshah95

    Trouble dual booting Server 2k8 and Ubuntu

    [SOLVED] Trouble dual booting Server 2k8 and Ubuntu Hello, I have an Ubuntu Natty installation and I installed Windows Server 2008 on another partition. So it directly booted to Server when the PC was turned on. So I used Rescatux to restore the grub. Now Ubuntu boots but there's no Server...
  16. A

    AI Recovery Burner

    Hello! I've bought a ASUS K53E BBR7 notebook. The first time I booted into Windows, I was prompted to make recovery DVDs. The program used is 'AI Recovery Burner' (I'm not sure if it is ASUS' product). My notebook has a recovery partition. I don't want the recovery partition taking up...
  17. B

    unable to restore ipod nano 4th gen,iPod only shows an Apple logo and doesn't start up?

    i can try 2 restore my ipod nano 4th gen.but ,after restore in itune,iPod only shows an Apple logo and doesn't start up.plz help me.i can restore more than 5 times.but still i cant able to restore
  18. T

    Galaxy S2 Custom ROM IMEI messed up

    Hi I recently bought Galaxy S2 I9100 mobile and tried to flash Cyanogenmod 9 but after flashing CM9 I couldn't make any call or sms and I got to know that my IMEI is messed up with generic one '004999010640000' I tried to flash stock samsung ROM 2.3.3 (KE8) and 2.3.6 (KL1) but no luck...
  19. dude_gamer

    Windows XP backup & restore?

    I want to backup my whole window XP (C:drive) Along with the installed software.because some time windows fail to boot & hardware engineer come & install fresh windows XP & charge me 200/-. Is there any Software which restore my full C: drive without any trouble & with compressed so it copied in...
  20. Krow

    How to restore Android Calendar 2.2?

    I uninstalled it with Titanium Backup thinking that Business Calendar Free can do the job, but now all my reminders are missing (backed up in email ID thankfully, but sync doesn't work with Business Calendar) and Evernote and Springpad got uninstalled automatically. How do I restore the old...
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