1. D

    Screen gone crazy (pink lines+ flickering)

    I was playing dota2 and suddenly screen went bad for no reason at all, what I saw is massive horizontal pink lines with some green highlights too and everything looks like its moving up and down in super speed. Its like watching a 3d movie without 3d glasses but worse. This problem is there on...
  2. D

    Issue playing Grid2

    I have a Intel i7 2630QM 2GHz 4 GB DDR3 RAM 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 6770M GPU But even with this i could not play GRID 2 in minimum graphics It is starting and in some time it gets stuck with audio alone running in background. And a message pops up saying ATI graphics restarted ??? Why is this...
  3. V

    Problem with my htc smart

    Hey friends, my htc smart was not working properly so i thought to flash the updated rom. So i tried one of the method and powered off the phone. then when i restarted while holding down the volume key then it showed HTC SMART Boot v1.0.00.1 and then hangs. Please help me.
  4. D

    windows 7 not loading bsod

    My laptop is asus 7 ultimate. Let me explain in detail. 1. I just started pc and started a game.suddenly the game froze so i closed the game nd restaretd game. 2. Same thing happnd so i restarted pc. 3. Now i was getting a BSOD screen after windows loading fora fraction...
  5. D

    is my lappy hardware at risk

    My laptop is asus 7 ultimate. Let me explain in detail. 1. I just started pc and started a game.suddenly the game froze so i closed the game nd restaretd game. 2. Same thing happnd so i restarted pc. 3. Now i was getting a BSOD screen after windows loading for a fraction...
  6. ajayritik

    Computer behaving odd with issues

    In the past few days I observe that my computer is behaving weird. Whenever I navigate in Windows Explorer I seem to find the folder name as junk characters. Also whenever I try to access some files on the HDD it takes long time to open. Once it restarted as well. Yesterday when I was trying to...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    Wi-Fi auto Disconnects?

    Ok,well yesterday after playing Dota 2,I alt-tabbed and tried to access a live-blog site for the Xbox reveal The Wi-Fi automatically got disconnected. :| I checked in the "Connect to a Network Tab" and found out that my Wi-Fi router/network does not appear So i restarted my Laptop,and saw...
  8. D

    PC won't boot up...No Display etc. etc.

    So today while working on my PC, it suddenly turned off with a BSOD. Error code:- 0x0000001E. When I restarted my PC, it switched on but restarted instantly & then switched on again, only to start a restart cycle. After another two restarts, the PC booted but once past the BIOS Post screen...
  9. K

    Locked Win 7 & Surprised to see that it's been restarted after login

    This has happened about 3 times now if not more than that. The Issue is: I just locked the system using win+L. When I came back, the screen is alright waiting for me to enter password. After entering the password, it should resume from where I left last, right? But surprisingly, I see all...
  10. theserpent

    BSOD Still appears

    Well guys Today i got my mobo back.(As you'll know the sound wasn't working). Now sounds fine. After i installed my gfx cards drivers.I restarted my computer and WOLAH BSOD :-x:-x came :(. Wth.Even now bsod comes :( Please tell me whats the problem
  11. Gauravs90

    Restart various operating systems

    This website is fun to see how various operating systems from ms, apple and IBM are restarted The Restart Page - Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems
  12. Empirial

    Oops...Where is "My Documents"?

    Hi, Today something weird happened. I switched on my computer & everything was alright. I then popped in Digit April 2012 DVD & successfully installed "Defraggler" but while installing Nvidia Drivers from Digit DVD my Optical Drive freezed (Drive was only accessing files when I restarted, the...
  13. G

    microtek ups problem.....!!

    hey folks...... so yesterday i got a brand new 1KVA microtek twin guard + soon as i opened the packaging i saw a note saying: "charge for 10 hours before using"... so i charged it overnight and plugged in my psu,monitor and speaker system to the ups..... it was TESTING TIME...
  14. R

    samsung phone crash.

    hi frnds. yesterday, while i was caling sum1 my phone(samsung-GT3500I) just crashed and restarted and after dat it didnt its in the initializing stage after booting.please help!
  15. pramudit

    Avast Antivirus Madness

    This is the second time madness done by my Avast antivirus.. the story is as follows... I was working on my computer and everything was working fine... I wasnt connected to the internet and to remove samsung kies and to make sure it is completely removed, i restored my computer... Restoration...
  16. marvelousprashant

    Unknown device in Device Manager

    Hello Guys. Just noticed I've an Unknown Device in Device Manager. Dont know what it is. "Update driver" fails. Read on some website that this may be generated by some software. So I restarted my laptop in safe mode. The problem was still there. What to do?
  17. D

    SMPS Burns!!!!

    Hi, I bought a PC two weeks back. Intel i3 Asus motherboard p7h55-m SMPS -Zebronics 450w ASUS 20" HD+ I was using a V-guard UPS which was having some sort of problem as there was some compatibility problem with the inverter installed in my house.The UPS restarted when the power...
  18. Zangetsu

    Machine Crashed...

    Hi Guys, I was playing Crysis Warhead.Then suddenly my screen gone blank & the BSOD dump screen is shown up with memory dump countdown timer....& machine restarted.... Then after re-boot...I again started crysis..then after the last level cutscene... again the machine restarted...
  19. ritvij

    avg firewall blocks wireless network

    I have just installed avg anti virus trial from their site. I enabled its firewall and disabled the windows firewall.. The problem is now i cant access my wireless network.. I have an Intel wifi link 5100 on a dell studio 14 laptop with xp pro.. It happened when i restarted the system... Pls...
  20. hjpotter92

    Trouble of Icons

    Allthe icons in my PC have gone mad just like I have shown in the screenshot below. I have done everything which I think I was able to do, but to no use. I restarted my PC, did a full checkup using N-360, tried changing some of the icons from the properties, but to no effect. Please help.
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