1. tarey_g

    Crysis System Requirements Released

    Crysis is a highly anticipated PC shooter, mostly because of its stunning visuals. But the better they look, the more demanding they are, any PC gamer will tell you that. An admin posted the hardware requirements on the official Crysis forums. Although pure speculation, the admin claims he has...
  2. T

    Ubuntu System Requirements

    My system config- P4 2.41 ghz 248 MB DDR RAM (Total 256 MB but 8 MB is used for Graphics memory) 40 GB HDD What are the minimum system requirements for Ubuntu Desktop to run on y system ? I saw this as the system reqirements and freaked out...
  3. S

    what do i need for php?

    php system requirements please
  4. gaurav_indian

    Is there any way to play PS2 games on PC?

    Guys I want to know is there any way that we can play high quality PS2 games on PC.If so then what's the requirements for that.And sorry if this topic is already discussed.
  5. T

    Webhosting required !!! Urgent

    Hello all ... i require a domain name and a good linux web hoster to create a Vbulletin forum .. Requirements are as follows : Total Disk Space : 250/500 Mb Free Data Transfer / Month : Min. 5 GB Sub Domains FTP Account MY SQL Database Fantastico FrontPage Extensions CGI-BIN PHP...
  6. ashfame

    Windows system requirements

    Can anyone post the minimum system requirements to run win98 se, winxp, winxp sp1, winxp sp2 & the lightest version of Linux for acceptable performance. I want to make some old Crap Box working again. And please also tell me about UBUNTU.
  7. S

    wwe smackdown vs raw 2006 for pc

    hey people is wwe smackdown vs raw 2006 is available for pc.what is the minimum requirements for this game.
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    Windows Vista

    Hi, When will the much awaited OS from microsoft be released and when it will be available in India? And any idea about the price? So what will be the minimum hardware requirements?
  9. N

    Call of Duty 2

    has anyone played it? is it the same as its prequel, or is it better? is it's system requirements gone up?
  10. q3_abhi

    Age of Empires III

    Have any one tried it??? Can any1 tell me how it is??? Shall i go for it?? System Requirements???? :?:
  11. Pathik

    F.E.A.R - System Requirements

    Has this game released for PC.wat r the Sys Requirements :)
  12. H

    Harry Potter And The GOblet oF Fire Game Troubleshooting?

    Hi guys i have got a serious situation and i desperately need ur help. this problem i s like many may have been responded with while playing high end gamings.So. any one of u who solves my problem i s just like a game master or tech god or the most poewerful brain in the world for me. Ihave a...
  13. D

    *********Half Life 2************

    :)Can anybody give me a detailed review of Half Life2, with all its specs, requirements, and in-game feel?
  14. G

    new 5.1 speaker

    guys... i read the reviews of AL 3151R and was searching for comparable systems on the net... when i found out abt creative's t5900... how do they compare... my requirements are movies (40 %) and (40% music) and gaming (20%).... i would want to connect my mp3-walkman to the speaker...
  15. Charley

    Requirements for creating a website.

    I'd like to get advice on how one can create a website and what are the requirements for doing so??? :)
  16. abhijit_reddevil


    Hi, Has anyone tried out the new F.E.A.R. demo? Pl post your experiences. It's a whopping 645MB demo, hosted on gamespot and fileplanet. If I was searching for a reason to get BSNL broadband, then this is it. :) BTW, does anyone know the exact system requirements? It is not clearly...
  17. mohit

    Pinnacle TV-Tuner

    hey mates , plz help me finalize my tv-tuner purchase . i am looking for the best product available and so decided to go for pinnacle but i have ended up getting confused with so many different models available. my requirements are as follows , :arrow: it should be an EXTERNAL TV-TUNER with...
  18. R

    epsxe requirements

    hi, can somenody tell me as to what are the requirements of epsxe?? I have downloaded it from the website. it asked for plugins and bios. i installed them , but it is still not detecting playstation cds
  19. huzaifa b arab


    hey can any body tel me which software maintains a database of system requirements which is needed for different soft's & games?|
  20. q3_abhi

    Minimum sys req for ps2 on pc

    Can any 1 tell me the minimum system requirements for ps2 Games 2 b played on pc???
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