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  1. T

    Insert the correct cd problem!

    Hi! Many times after installing the games while i try to play the game a message says" insert the correct cdrom and click ok". Is it because of the incompatible system requirements or of the pirated cd? how can i rectify that?
  2. anshul

    Loads of problems and queries

    Helloooo techies, So once again I'm up with a junk of problem. Can anyone tell me that can we extract the music(only music) from a song? If yes then tell me how and the requirements too. My second question: Can we attach a VCD MP3 player to a PC. If yes then how? And again , what are the...
  3. GameAddict

    List/Site/Tool for knowing Minimum Game Requirements?

    Hi Gamerz, Like we have Cheat database, is there any site/List or Tool which provides minimum game requirements of games on PC? The list will be handy to decide whether the current configuration of the PC can pull the game off or not.Rather then , first installing and then getting the...
  4. J

    Windows Longhorn

    Hi, Plz tell me the minimum system requirements of Windows Longhorn .....
  5. rohan

    Hitman 2 system requirements

    What are the minimum and recommended system requirements for HITMAN 2 : Silent Assassin. Do I necessarily have an AGP card to run this game. My comp. has the following specs:- 1.256 MB RAM 2.P3 1.0 GHz 3.Win ME 4.Intel 845GL motherboard with onboard 8 MB graphics 5.52x CD-ROm Will...
  6. V

    MANDRAKE 10.1....!!!

    HI All i get mandrake 10.1 from linux for you(feb 2005) issue now what to do ? i dont know the basic requirements of it... i've celron 1.2Ghz 128 mb ram can i install it on my system..??? :? :? :?
  7. V

    ABOUT RHCE...??

    Hi all... now i want to know for the RHCE can ne1 have the detailed infos about RHCE .pls post to me... and wht is the basic requirements to get RHCE...
  8. Charley

    Software for converting Video Cassettes to DVD/CD's

    I have lots of video cassettes stacked up here... Wud like to convert them to CD/DVD to free up space.. What are the requirements for it to be done on the comp? Tks
  9. kunwar

    What r the system requirements of Star Wars: Battlefront?

    Also tell the requirements of Pandora Tomorrow And Far Cry?
  10. harish_21_10

    will my pc play them?

    hey guys my pc config. is : p3 1GHZ, intel 815e mobo, 256mb sd ram, nvidia geforce2 mx 400 64mb(latest drivers), what i wanted to know is that will i be able to play games like, farcry,ground control2,unreal tournament2004 without any upgradation? Dont answere this by seeing the...
  11. F

    hey i need ur help??

  12. A

    UT 2004 Requirements.

    can anyone tell me the minimum requirements for ut2004 to run. i have a onbord geforce2, with 224 mb ram will it do ?
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