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I am planning to visit Lamington tomorrow - saturday I have some work in afternoon at office so I will come back from there. Currently I have a P4 1 GB RAM, but recently I have shifted to mobile development which require better compile time response and running heavy editors. Windows 7 is a must for me. I can do with the Pirated one, not a problem. At work I use Lenovo 3 GB laptop, not so happy with it. I am looking out for a decent PC under 25-30k range. My primary requirement is: PERFORMANCE and BIG NICE MONITOR LED ~ 9k / 22+".

1. Programming - will require 4 GB RAM.
2. Good processor - can go for AMD or Intel.
3. Movies - will view HD videos on sites like youtube etc.
4. Good Monitor under 9k.
5. There are power problems - sometimes voltage fluctuates as I stay near industrial area in Thane. I have a inverter at my home, do I still need a UPS.

I need to know the configurations and shops where I can buy it from Lamington road and have peace of mind.

I can go by car and get the system along with me. I am a software person so I can download and set OSes, linux, windows not a problem.

I have seen configurations on this website like this, I will require to know approx price as I will be doing good bargaining, please help me here ...


AMD Athlon II x3 435 @ 3.5k
Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H @ 5.5k
G.Skill 2GB DDR3 1333MHz @ 2.1k
MSI HD5450 1GB DDR3 @ 3.3k
Seagate 1 TB @ 2.8k
LG 22X SATA DVD @ 0.9k
FSP Saga II 350W @ 1.5k
CM Elite 360 @ 2.6k
Benq G2420HD 24" @ 11k
Altec Lansing MX5021 @ 6.5k
Logitech Cordless Desktop @ 1.5k
APC 650VA @ 2.6k


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Check the Hardware price sheet of this page and deltapage.com for getting approximate price.
And regarding your configuration, get an Athlon II X4 635 quad core processor and Zotac GT 240 512 MB GDDR5 @ 4.8K. HD 5450 is a very poor choice of card as it can't do anything other than helping to play HD contents.
Get GT 240 from Nvidia. It is more powerful than HD 5450 and it has CUDA which might help you in some your applications.


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I know the Mx5021 is the best 2.1 out there , but you should really think over if you really need a 90W set of speakers. i suggest VS2621 @ 1.6k

Also . get 2x2 GB RAM.
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Thanks for the response, will this help me? ... I have jotted down after reading other posts ... I will check the price from here , they will be more or less the same... http://www.chip.in/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=38521&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=2955#p594411

please do suggest me other alternatives, if some configuration needs to be changed ...
Athlon II X4 635 quad core processor
Dell ST2220L
Zotac GT 240 512 MB GDDR5 - Do I really need this?
Gigabyte GA - 880GMA - UD2
G Skill 4GB 1333 OR 1600
500GB Seagate HDD
Corsair vx550W
Dell Keyboard/Mice
Logitech 1.3 MP Webcam
Cabinet - sleek one - ?? ( suggestion welcome )
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@Pariksheet..u may not be into gaming now but the card will help if you do in the future..And at that price it's a very good card...
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