1. patkim

    Can two PCs be networked using mobile hotspot

    Using a router I am able to connect my PC & laptop over the LAN IP addresses. I wish to achieve the same using mobile hotspot. Is it possible? When I create a hotspot on my android mobile and connect my PC and laptop to it, each receives dynamic IP address. However pinging each other or...
  2. ramakanta

    Radmin-Remote control - Alternative

    Is there any open source (freeware)or paid Remote control software Like Radmin. Need remote access to network computers and servers over a LAN Like Radmin. thank you
  3. T

    [For Sale] Sony Wega Flat Screen 29" 29inch CRT TV

    For Sale ! Sony CRT TV - Sony Wega 29inch flat screen CRT TV 4 yrs old Expected Price: Rs 6000/- (negotiable) Reason for Sale: Bought new 50" Tv :D Product Condition: Perfect working condition, cosmetic condition very good. Purchase Invoice Available: NO Company official...
  4. tkin

    Budget Speakers for Desktop around 4k

    Hi guys, I want to buy a pair of budget speakers around 3-4k max, it will be used sparingly, as I am more inclined towards headphones, these will be used mostly for movies and a bit of gaming, and some music during partying occasionally. Requirements: 1. 2.1 Channel only. 2. Plenty of Bass...
  5. giprabu

    CRT TV Remote Lost :(

    We have an old 21" onida crt tv.. The remote is lost... How to get a new cheap one ?? Model no : CO21FGLU (it was given at the back of the tv). When I googled, I got this below link * The first two results looks almost identical but not sure whether...
  6. TheHumanBot

    Dell Laptop Won't Boot & F8 Not Working

    hi, so this dell laptop is not booting and get restarted after Windows 7 logo. tried tapping F8 but didn't worked. tried F2 auto check thing they have on dell laptop. laptop is at remote location and have no DVD or pendrives to boot from. anything I'm missing here? plus laptop operator is...
  7. A

    looking to buy a projector

    First of all, I am not sure if this is the right forum category for this question. I would like to buy a LED projector within Rs.10,000 which can connect to my VGA PC so that I can project movies on my wall. There are few products on the internet for the same like 1. LED Entertainment cum...
  8. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] AverMedia AverTV Go

    * Product Name: AverMedia AverTV Go Internal TV Tuner Card * Expected Price: Rs. 600 shipped. * Date of purchase: late 2011. * Reason for Sale: Ulying unused. * Product Condition: Never used. * Accessories Included: cd, remote, original box. * Product Location: Thane/Mumbai, Maharashtra...
  9. ratul

    Giveaway: Free Cerberus Lifetime Licenses

    Source: Cerberus celebrates 3rd birthday with free licenses I think it's a steal, best android app to locate your device if stolen.. :doublethumb:
  10. ©mß

    Make TataSky+ remote control TV also.

    I have a Tata Sky+ HD remote with which I want to control my TV. I googled a lot and came to know that Sky and Tata Sky have same remotes. I tried pressing TV and then holding Select and Red Button but nothing happened. Found a video on youtube but it was for SD users. So anyone here knows how...
  11. ranjitsd

    Need headset for Lumia 620

    Head just died need new headset for l620 max budget is 1500rs should i go with Cowon EM1 In-the-ear Headset with Remote and Mic
  12. K

    Suggestion for HTPC over a smart TV and configuration

    HI TDF, Thank to your guidance i had successfully made my first desktop PC. I have to Buy a TV probably 32 inch. But instead of buying a smart TV i am thinking of buying a Normal TV which will save me approx 10000 rs. And i want to add a HTPC with the TV to enjoy smart TV features like watching...
  13. U

    Problem with creative power and volume wired remote

    Hi guys.... i need an solution and advice for my problem i have creative 5.1 channel system recently my subwoofer power and volume wired remote control had got problem its not working properly i like to know wheater i can get another duplicate or original wired control remote for creative on...
  14. abirthedevil

    2.1 on a budget

    Hello, want to purchase a 2.1 system preferably under 2.5k, can go up to 3k. Sound quality is prime consideration. Also features like usb, remote etc are secondary. Please provide me with some suggestions. Thanks
  15. warfreak

    Wired remote of Altec Lansing VS2421 damaged

    I accidentally spilled hot coffee over my desk and some spilled on top of the volume control remote of my speakers. I immediately disconnected them and wiped it clean. The speaker even ran fine for a while but after some time it stopped working. Since the power switch of the speaker were...
  16. patkim

    Router issue

    I have Dlink DIR 615 router. It’s been in use for more than 1 year now. Off lately I notice that the Wireless connection (between router and remote devices) suddenly drops for no reason. Thereafter the connection (SSID) itself is no longer available in the list of connections on the remote...
  17. J

    Remote Desktop Connection b/w win 7 & xp pc

    Hi all I want to setup Remote desktop connection between PC's running win 7 and win xp so that i can access win xp machine through win 7. Both are connected through LAN connection. Thanks in advance!
  18. Ironman

    Sky Drive , Google Drive , Cloud Storage Question

    1. How to Remote upload to Sky Drive or Google Drive 2. How to Remote Upload to Drop Box 3. How to Transfer files of sizes like (atmost 300mb) between dropbox to other cloud services
  19. J

    Zebronics remote interference issues

    Hi, I bought a 2.1 Multimedia speaker from Zebronics 4 months back. The sub-woofer got busted within a month, and they replaced the same. I have been having remote interference with the DVD Player though. Every time I try to change volume in the speaker's remote, the player shuffles subtitle...
  20. U

    smartphones compatibility for the LG TV Remote App

    Which model smartphones are compatible for the LG TV Remote App?
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