Make TataSky+ remote control TV also.


I have a Tata Sky+ HD remote with which I want to control my TV. I googled a lot and came to know that Sky and Tata Sky have same remotes. I tried pressing TV and then holding Select and Red Button but nothing happened.
Found a video on youtube but it was for SD users.
So anyone here knows how to make it a universal remote?


I have a Tata Sky HD connection whose remote works as TV's remote after pressing the 'univ' button. check if your remote has this button too.


Nope, my remote doesn't have that button. Your model might be the newer one. :/
Moreover, no offense, but if I had that button i wouldn't have created this thread.Then it would have been easier for me. :p

Does anyone know anything about it? :/


some later revisions have universal remotes...
there is a univ button located below the power button...
if you press it a red light will indicate that the universal mode is on
the button presses/combos you mentioned in op were used to sync...
the feature is quite convenient and work normally for vol. up/down, on/off, changing the source...:)
and btw you cant automatically "make" a remote universal needs to have the hardware in it, wich cant be gained by some button presses :lol:



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Even I have TS+ HD and unfortunately our remotes don't support the universal feature. I had an Airtel Digital TV HD connection whose remote was universal but the one for TS ain't :(


I bought it in the year 2011/2012, I think.
In youtube the Indian user was showing in his simple TS means not TS+.
But our remote I guess dont work like that.
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