1. G

    ICS and DNS errors

    Please excuse me if this has already been adressed here, but this is my problem: I use ICS to connect two comps to the net through a Hathway cable connection. From the client computer, whenever I try to open a website, it first returns a "Could not locate remote server" message, but after...
  2. Y

    PS2 confusion, need solution??

    hi I am planning to buy a New PS2 with modchip, DVD remote control,8 MB memory card,, But as i am staying in village i have not seen PS2,,,i have searched the net and found out about modchip and DVD remote control,,but i am still confused of some problems listed below * does the...
  3. V

    Control comp with remote

    can i use my pinnacle tv tuner card to control mp3s some how is there any choice i can do to listen to mp3 with the remote control any suggestion vijay
  4. F

    IP n Telnet Huh ???????

    How do i find out my comps IP address, Whats Telnet and how do i use it, can i use it 4 data transfer 2 a remote comp ?
  5. megamachine

    controlling the pc with my pinacle pctv remote......

    I wanted to control my pc through the pinnacle pctv remote i am able to do so by editing profiles.ini in pctv\remote\ is there any othe way to have full controll as the above method does not offer that much flexibility
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