Suggestion for HTPC over a smart TV and configuration


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Thank to your guidance i had successfully made my first desktop PC. I have to Buy a TV probably 32 inch. But instead of buying a smart TV i am thinking of buying a Normal TV which will save me approx 10000 rs. And i want to add a HTPC with the TV to enjoy smart TV features like watching You tube videos, video chatting over skype etc. I will also use this HTPC as download machine and network attached storage.

And here are my doubts-
1. if i buy a HTPC, can i will be able to control it with a physical remote. I don't like to have a keyboard and mouse on my couch to control The HTPC. Please give me link of physical remote that can be attached with the PC.

2. I will be playing full HD videos only and no gaming then i don't need any graphics card, right?

Since i am not asking for any configuration of PC hope i need not ans the questionnaires.

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Intel G2020 Rs 3725
Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2/ASUS P8H61-M LX R2.0 - Rs 3100/2900
Corsair Value Select 1333 Mhz 2GB - Rs 1500
WD Blue 500 GB Rs 3300
Generc Cabinet with PSU iball Rs 1000

Rs 12,425.

If you cant reach out to Rs 12K better get a Powerfull Tab with HDMI out and be done with it.

USE XBMC remote via an Android phone to control the TAB from the couch!

Or get some smart boxes like Evo TV / to know more about them.


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You'll need a very good internet connection to be able to stream [atleast 720p][4mbps] videos. If you don't have i'd recommend not getting an HTPC
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