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I bought a 2.1 Multimedia speaker from Zebronics 4 months back. The sub-woofer got busted within a month, and they replaced the same. I have been having remote interference with the DVD Player though. Every time I try to change volume in the speaker's remote, the player shuffles subtitle ON/OFF. Also, when I press 'mute' or 'next track', the tray ejects itself. Not only that, whenever I change tracks in the player, the speaker goes to FM Radio mode. I have to either change mode in the speaker remote or return to the previous track.

When I sent the unit to Zebronics again, they returned it back saying, the issue has been rectified. They said the unit was replaced again. It does not appear so, and the problem persists. I mailed a complaint to them, and this is what they had to say:
Remote interference is not a problem with speaker. As both DVD player and speaker are working on same signal for those commands this problem is happening. You can just keep them apart to solve the problem.

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I have asked them about the speaker changing 'mode' to FM, which cannot be an interference issue (it happens even if I change tracks in the player manually), but there is no answer yet. What do you people suggest? Am I supposed to accept the fate and shut up like everyone else in this country, or do I have a strong case in hand?
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