1. B

    Unlisting number from Truecaller

    Hi Friends, My cousin wants to unlist her number from Truecaller. She has not registered her number on the Truecaller app ever. I have entered her number multiple times under Truecaller unlist since the past one month but still her number remains on Truecaller. I have unlisted some other...
  2. R

    Laptop doesn't get connected to wifi after few range

    My internet connection is working fine , in other rooms other mobile gets connected but my laptop doesn't get connected.only near modem it remains connected , so what should I do now ? Even I updated the network adapter still the issue is not resolved .
  3. R

    Laptop doesn't get connected to wifi after few range

    My internet connection is working fine , in other rooms other mobile gets connected but my laptop doesn't get connected.only near modem it remains connected , so what should I do now ? Even I updated the network adapter still the issue is not resolved .
  4. I

    New Display for lenovo G 500S

    I want to change the screen of my laptop from the current one which is in working condition to a better one. It doesn't matter if the resolution(1366*768) remains same, however i want to improve the picture quality which isn't great at the moment. Any options & where to buy from?
  5. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Very Low ping and internet speed

    Hi Iam using MTNL delhi broadband 999 combo plan which gives speed of 1 mbps but for last 10 days Iam getting painfully speed of around 225- 750 kbps even at that speed many website will take ages to open ... my ping which was usually in range of 100-150 is now 14-20 I tried every...
  6. Anorion

    Scientists Have Discovered a New Human-Like Species

    Scientists Have Discovered a New Human-Like Species in South Africa
  7. Cyberghost

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Mass Effect: Andromeda * Studios - Bioware Montreal Publisher - EA Release Date - 2016 Mass Effect 4 has an official name and release window. Mass Effect: Andromeda, announced during EA’s E3 press conference, has been announced for a Holiday...
  8. I

    System display turns off and goes blank! Have to restart!

    Hello, My system is giving me some issues off late. The display goes of after 15 odd minutes and the monitor remains so as the cpu. In order to get display back i have to restart the system. The monitor also remains on and the only thing is after 15 minutes the screen itself turns itself...
  9. varunmashru

    LED Notification light remains solid on incoming notifications on Micromax A110!!

    I started facing this problem a week ago.... After i plugged off my phone after a full charge.... On any notification or anything... The LED light doesn't blink(pulse). It remains constantly on until you see the notification. I tried disabling the notifications, etc. etc. And tried changing...
  10. gohan89

    Weird Problem of Computer not starting!!!!

    For a few days, I am having this weird problem.Whenever I am pressing the poweron button on my cabinet to start my computer,light starts up and then within two secs dies down.Again it comes to life, but my monitor does not start.I then directly switch off the UPS and wait, but to no avail.I even...
  11. R

    Monitor problem..

    Hey guys need help. Monitor's acting real weird. When i turn the power on , the small led at the corner(which shows the power status) keeps blinking but the screen remains black. It goes on for about 20 mins and then the monitor starts working normally. My monitor model is HP L1706
  12. L

    Clockspeed changing automatically/Monitor remains Black

    This is my first post here. My PC configuration is as follows:AMD Phenom X6 1055T,MSI 880GMA-E45 motherboard,2*2 GB G-SKill 1600 Mhz DDR3 ram,GTX 470 with Cooler Master Extreme power 600 W power supply running windows 7 64 bit.Of the late many times monitor remains black when switched on...
  13. L

    issue with display

    i have dell vostro 1510 and for 2 years now its display is giving a problem at first it flickers and different colors appear on screen then it goes normal or sometimes remains flickering or goes black and then laptop hangs no key works then i have to shutdown my laptop using power button plzz...
  14. T


    hey guys i rly need your help, i was trying to install ubuntu which i received from the digit cd (digit os customized) but when installed it from cd i presented a problem and the i tried to boot from the usb but when it boots from it the it just remains there and displays something about...
  15. Rahim

    Laptop brightness remains at 100% after every login

    Hello Guys, I have upgraded PCLOS to KDE 4.6.1 and now after every login, my laptop's brightness(DELL Studio) remains at 100%, which i have to manually change. But it goes back to 100% after every login. Another issue is after upgrading to KDE 4.6.1, the graphics performance is sluggish...
  16. CA50

    Digit forum kaput???

    :shock::shock: i cannot change my e-mail in this forum, when i chang2 it says that, it is already being used and the original id remains. how 2 solve this?? :oops::oops::oops:
  17. C

    bluetooth mouse

    i recently purchased a dell studio 14 laptop and a bluetooth mouse with it. but the mouse has a problem that it has to be re-installed every time it is turned off and then on again. how can it be solved. i have tried many times using a passkey and without it. the problem remains thanks for any help

    probelm in digit forum ???

    hi guys .... few months back i noticed that my post count did not increase even after posting nearly 20 post .... the post count still remains the same ... even now the post count remains the same ..... why is that !!!! ..... problem in digit forum ?????? or ..........
  19. thewisecrab

    How to buy software in bulk?

    Suppose I'm looking to buy Vista/XP (I doubt whether XP will be available :|) along with Office 2007 for about 20-30 PCs. Do I have to buy individually for every PC? That works out to be really expensive. I think there is a way to buy them in bulk, but still remains relatively cheaper. Is it...
  20. Pearl Groupz

    Need Some Info On VPN..Please

    I just Downloaded a VPN "Hamachi" free version, I want to know what VPN really do ?? through VPN i will be safe from hackerz ?? How can i know Mine VPN is working fine ?? I seen mine ip remains same as before not using VPN.. here is Screenshot of the VPn..See through using Is Mine Net will...
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