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Help choosing an ISP


Broken In
I've been using BSNL for many years.
It has been good for browsing. Speed is satisfactory according to the plan, however it sucks sometimes.
It has always been horrible for online gaming - awful pings. Lately it has been torturing a lot.

I don't have many cable-net ISPs in my city. A few which are there have horrible customer service. So I've totally ruled them out. BSNL's customer service has tortured me much already.
One of the problems is that most of my known people have BSNL, so I can't get a wider review of ISPs.
Mainly keeping gaming in mind, I've been searching for a good ISP.
Connect, Sify, Reliance, Airtel are a few options.
The most economical plans I found was from Reliance, with constant speed throughout without any circuit breakers.

Anybody having these ISPs, please comment about their performance.
Plan budget - Rs.800 max.


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reliance plans sound good but in reality in many places they don't perform as well not to mention that for online gaming reliance is same as bsnl with poor pings.
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