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  1. A

    sapphire R9 290

    my config: i7 2600 asus p8h77-v G.skill 2* 4gb WD 2TB quadro fx 580 corsair 650TX corsair 500R carbide series resolution 1600*900 i am buying SAPPHIRE R9 290 4GB GDDR5 i do animaton using 3ds max and Maya i play games AC,thief,NFS,Battlefield.. i heard R9 290 reaches 95 C i know its...
  2. A

    where can i write the review about my college so that a lot of class 12 pass out students can see it

    i have to write the review of my college and the other private engineering colleges in u.p. Which is the most popular source or way, according to you, to do this. please don't google "college review" and reply, i have done it. In your opinion is there any other way i can write the review my...
  3. A

    GPU Cooler

    Ok, so I want to buy a cooler for my ati radeon 7750 OC since it reaches extremely high temps on load (90-100c) with stock fan. Please suggest :)
  4. T

    Motherboard Temps

    Hi, I have an Intel DH67BL (B3) motherboard and the PCH temperature is always around 60C. It usually fluctuates from 58 to 61C but I am worried this is high. Also, the VR idles at 33-35 and under load it reaches 38-43C. The 'memory' shows temps around 33-39C. I think the VR and Memory...
  5. napster007

    AMD Phenom 2 955 BE PROBLEM.. HELP!

    Hi, I am running the stated CPU with its stock cooler. Recently i have been experiencing some weird problems which i'm not able to figure out why. When ever i run an intensive software and my CPU reaches 100% like in video conversion, after a few minutes, the computer automatically turns...
  6. pulkitpopli2004

    30 min of gaming and temp is 60+

    While playing Dragon age2 or NFSHP jst for 30 min.. temp reaches 60+ very easily... here is the attachment of speedFan readings.. what to do now guyz? i think this much temp will definately gonna hurt my rig.. ma room is on top floor.. so generally room temp is not as low as expected in...
  7. Nithu

    Core temperature overheating or not?????

    Hai..... I'm using Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor with Intel stock cooler. My question is when i play some games the core0,core1,core2,core3 temp reaches 70-75 degree's :mad: and in normal state it reaches 55c-60c... is this is a problem???? I'm using Real Temp to monitor the temperature...
  8. vinit suri

    sms pc to mobile

    HEY GUYS CAN NE ONE TELL ME OF SM GOOD SITE ON THE NET WHICH ALLOWS US 2 SEND FREE SMS (PC 2 MOBILE) TO PEOPLE IN INDIA?????? i tried gizmosms...but it doesnt seem 2 work....it shows msg sent but it nevewr reaches.......n also dont tell me 2 use yahoo msnger.....coz.....im lookin 4 smthin...
  9. S

    Gmail Image ????

    Well! hi to all........... I am having problem in sending the mail with my Outlook 2003 with IMAGES...(not attached) ie... whenever I sent images from Outlook 2003 it never reaches to destination... Tell me wether I am missing some settings in Outlook???? One more..... How to send...
  10. A

    nero refuses to be installed

    i had copied nero OEM CD from my friend the problem i that on other computers it gets intalled but on my computer it refuses to insalled even after formatting the problem with nero is that when it reaches the AudioPlayerPlugins it gives an error saying that cannot copy...
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