1. devx

    Help me to build a new gaming rig under 70k/75k

    Hey guys., I'm going to build a new gaming rig under 70k., I'm an hardcore gamer + Networking enthusiast and I can't use the components from my old PC acc. to my needs so I have to buy everything new., here's what I made mentioned below with current price details from my regular shop., Intel®...
  2. hjpotter92

    Gaming Combo Below 4k

    Hi friends. I am thinking of buying a new mouse + keyboard set this fall of October. My budget(sadly) is under INR 4,000. After a small search, and tracking some others forums and reviews, these are my choices. Please suggest/comment on them. Mice (Upto 1500): Logitech MX518[1] or...
  3. M

    Problem with new razer keyboard....

    Guys, recently i had a problem.Suddenly the letter 'e' of my new razer keyboard was not working.But then again it started working within a day/hours.This had happened couple times.What might be the problem???
  4. Nipun

    Bred to fight:Xbox arcade stick designed by Razer

    Razer Xbox 360 Arcade Stick Community Beta Program | Razer™ | For Gamers. By Gamers.™ This is not a referral URL!! Razer is making a Xbox 360 controller, which is currently in beta stage. Razer is also giving these arcade sticks to 200 gamers/fans for testing.
  5. M

    Is Razer Orca worth the money..??

    hello.. am getting a price quote of about 3.3k for an Orca.. is it really the worth or shall i wait for the Razer electra to be released in october.. only free suggestions appreciated..!
  6. Tenida

    Razer debut Blade, "World's first true gaming laptop"

    Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Announced! – After making up the heat for a few days with its “The PC game is not dead,” the specialist of gaming accessories has announced the Razer Blade, a 17.3-inch laptop upscale for players. The company is well-known for its Mice, e.g Razer 4G mouse. Razer Blade...
  7. GhorMaanas

    CM-Storm Spawn VS Razer DeathAdder

    Hi, was going to order Razer DA Black Edition online, when i spotted the spawn listed there, and was, as always, confused :???: as the title suggests; kindly shed some light people. google failed me on the specifics :neutral: P.S. - am an FPS gamer, using a (moderately) claw-grip.
  8. GhorMaanas

    The mouse-pad duel : Pls arm me !

    Hi, sorry for that lame title :grin: actually am about to buy a gaming KB (stuck between G510 and SS Merc Stealth, unable to decide yet) and a razer DA (3500 dpi).......need a mat too.....but here too am stuck between two choices : 1. CM CS-M weapon of choice M4/AK : CM Storm »...
  9. d6bmg

    BEtter keyboard between these keyboards

    I've selected 3 keyboards: 1. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 2. Razer Lycosa Mirror (Special Edition) - RZ03-00181400-R3M1 3. Razer Lycosa Backlit Gaming Keyboard (RZ03-00180100-R3M1) All are avilable @ 3.4K. Which one is the best among these three? And I also heard that in G110, LED...
  10. arko1983

    gaming mouse

    my logitech mx518 is having some stuttering problem.So i am thinking of buying a mouse.budget is max 3k .(no razer plz as those mouse are quite big for my hand,if ther r small models then razer is ok. i am talking about deathadder.)
  11. Sarath

    New Mouse problem

    New Mouse button problem!! Guys I just got a Razer Imperator a day back and now I have noticed that the DPI adjusting buttons has a problem. One of the buttons although working doesnt seem to be registering a proper click and sometimes gets stuck when pressed. What should I do? Am I liable...
  12. A

    Gaming config for 95K? Please help?

    My intended specs are Intel core i7 2600K, ASUS P8P67 PRO, ASUS GTX 580 , corsair ddr3 1600mhz 2x4 gb, western digital caviar black 1tb, cooler master 850 watts SMPS, cooler master HAF 932 case, Razer imperator mouse, razer goliathus mouse pad. What else do i need to make my computer a perfect...
  13. Aj12

    Final Check!!! Please Advice

    Guys, I plan on ordering the components in about a weeks time thus giving me enough time to make changes if necessary So here goes, Processor - Intel Core i7-2600K Motherboard - ASUS P8P67 DELUXE B3 Revision (REV 3.0) Cpu Cooler - Noctua NH-U12P SE2 Ram -...
  14. Sarath

    GAM1NG PC @70k

    [COMPLETED] GAMING PC: @70k(95k finally) BIG THANKS TO Extreme Gamer topgear vickybat Joker tkin ico game-freak Cilus Piyush d3p5kor mukherjee Tenida nilgtx260 Demon Lord Who Skud asingh for their contribution in getting this build together PICS can be found in post #127 CLICK...
  15. The Sorcerer

    About Razer Warranty Period..

    I came to know that Distributors honour only 1 year warranty period whereas the manufacturer's warranty period is 2. I've told on ITwares' Razer sale thread that I'll contact the Asia Pacific guys and see what's up. This is the reply that I got after they had a word with the distributors...
  16. A

    Rate your rig!

    Let us start with my rig. Core i7 860 @ ~3.4GHz Coolermaster V6GT MSI P55 GD65 MSI Radeon 6970 2GB 2x4GB Corsair XMS3 1600 @ 1700+ I think Seagate 7200.12 1TB WD Black 1TB Seagate External 1TB Coolermaster SilentPro 850 watts Bronze Coolermaster HAF 932 2 x DVD RW Asus Xonar DX...
  17. The Sorcerer

    New Lan centre in Mumbai Armed by Asus, Benq and Razer Hardware

    Hardware BBQ | Reviews • Previews • Recommendations: New Lan centre in Mumbai Armed by Asus, Benq and Razer Hardware
  18. D

    Gaming PC at 1 Lac.. Is the config good or does it need any changes?

    Hi Guys.. I intend to purchase a new Gaming PC in a few months.. I have settled on (what I think is) a good config.. Please let me know your thoughts about the same.. Proc: Phenom II X6 1090T BE 3.2 GHz 10657.50 MoBo:GigaByte ATI 890GX Chipset GA-890GPA-UD3H 9137.10...
  19. ithehappy

    Need a Razer Hard Mice Mat in Kolkata.

    I am going to buy a new hard mice pad like Destructor or Sphex, so I'd like to know a shop who has Razer distribution here in Kolkata? I know M.D.Computer is but they don't have any hard pad. I also tried Vedant, Saboo..but they don't have. So please help me asap.
  20. abhidev

    Razer launches Tron inspired peripherals

    Source: Saw a news of Razer selling a special mat for mouse which is said to be more responsive for laser mouse around 2k... went to the site and saw this.
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