Gaming PC at 1 Lac.. Is the config good or does it need any changes?

Hi Guys..

I intend to purchase a new Gaming PC in a few months.. I have settled on (what I think is) a good config.. Please let me know your thoughts about the same..

Proc: Phenom II X6 1090T BE 3.2 GHz 10657.50
MoBo:GigaByte ATI 890GX Chipset GA-890GPA-UD3H 9137.10
Monitor: BenQ G2420HD 24 inch 11158.35
RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz x 2 6875.40
HDD: Seagate SATA 1TB 32 MB Cache 2786.70
ODD: Sony DVD Writer 24X 956.55
KB: Razer Arctosa 2149.00
Mouse: Razer Abyssus 1249.00
Cabinet: Cooler Master Elite 430 3029.25
PSU: Corsair 750W HX 8938.65
Display Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB 24076.50
Speakers: Altec Lansing VS4621 3267.60
UPS: APC 1100VA BR1100CI-IN 4617.90
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 9495.15
Mousepad: Razer Goliatus Fragged Control Edition 1090.00

A few Questions too:

1. Do I need an alternate CPU cooler or will the stock cooler suffice. I will NOT be overclocking any components on this machine.

2. Will the Cooler Master Elite 430 offer enough cooling???

NOTE: All prices in Rs. from Bangalore (Incl. of taxes.. I believe the taxes are at 5% now..?)

Please suggest any changes you feel will make for a better gaming PC but please, please keep the budget at or below 1 Lac..

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strong suggestion of intel sandy bridge in your budget. wait for their motherboard issues to get fixed. wait for a month


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config looks good but few changes:

1. wait for sandy bridge updates. its' much much faster than phenom II X6
2. don't waste money on Win7 Ultimate. get Win7 Home Premium and let the free 3rd party apps do the extra work.

A1: as long as you keep the processor without OCed or do moderate OC, stock cooler is enough
A2: yes. if you go for win7 HP instead, check CM storm scout, HAF 922 and CM 690 II series.

Jaskanwar Singh

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Intel Core i5 2500k @ 11k
ASUS P8P67 Pro @ 10.5k
G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL (2Gx2) @ 2.9k
Sapphire HD6950 1GB * 2 @ 30k
Seagate 1TB 7200.12 @ 2.7k
LG 22X SATA DVD @ 0.9k
GlacialTech GP-AX950AA Modular @ 7.9k
NZXT Phantom @ 8k~
DELL Ultrasharp U2311H @ 13.7k
Razer Death Adder @ 2.1k
Razer Arctosa @ 2.2k
APC 1000VA @ 5K
Altec Lansing VS4121 @ 2.9k

Total - 99.8k

now game extreme :razz:


@Deepak : Everythings looks good, but not these.

1. Buy WD Black Cavair 1TB 7200 64MB Cache : 3000.00 Best Performer in terms of gaming & Try to go with RAID "0" Conf, with these elite *******s, they will make you feel proud in terms of Perfromance.

2. I will suggest to buy Corsair XMS3 2x4GB 1600 MHz [4GB each Dimms] - 4k in S.P Road.

3. Sony 24X Sata DVD R/W - 800.00

4. Go with a full tower like NZXT phantom or Save some cash for HAF-X, you will never regret them back. A mid tower will be a neck bottle for bigger cards 6950.

5. A CF config looks good, will it beat 580 or 570 in terms of performance ?? But for a 23inch monitor 6950 CF looks Overkill for me.

6. Where the f*** is your After market cooler ??? Planning to overclock, go with a Corsair H70 Water Cooler pure silent.

Save money by buying a 570 or 580 them buy a good RAM as well as After Cooler.

Jaskanwar Singh

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^6950 cf is much much better and futureproof.

And he wont oc. spending uselessly on aftermarket cooler is not needed.

And that memory is 1600mhz 4gb g.skill ripjaws X. Enough. No need to spend more.
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umm dont buy sandy bridge wait for sandy bridge e , 1 lac is not a joke.

jas cant he get the new core i7 990x in that budget i know its the last for a platform but i think if he cant wait for sandy bridge e its worth considering . what do u say?

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Apart from the processor change, I'd really stress on buying the monitor suggested by Jas (IPS panel). I'd also suggest getting 2 HDDs, whether to configure them in RAID or not depends on you.
@Jas, shouldn't it be 6950 2GB *2


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i7 990x has a price tag of 999$ royal waste of cash in my opinion, no matter what performance it provides i dont think the price is justified in relation to price/performance offered by i5 2500k and i7 2600k unless you want to walk around like that indica vista ad guy(eyes wide open and all teeth out) with ENTHUSIAST stapled on your head


@Jas : a single 570 performs better than a 6950, but CF has its own pro & cons. I agree.

Refer This : GTX 570 vs Radeon 6970 and 6950 vs Radeon 5870 - All Overclocked Review - Bad Company 2

Even 6970 sucks when compared to 570. Specially HAWX2 & BFBC2.

Moreover he is playing in 1080p so 6950 cf is just a waste, untill unless he goes for a Multi-Screen Setup
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Jaskanwar Singh

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^my dear friend, you know what you are comparing. 6970 is meant to be compared with 570 and not 6950. but if you see the reviews 6950 crossfire is just superb better than 580 and 5970 a lot.
and in some games 6970 is ahead while in some others 570. hawx is nvidia biased. see some neutral games. see anandtec, techpowerup, toms hardware. you will see them equal. one is better at some while other at other. so we need to give pros and cons.

and no its not a waste. its futureproof. and you know even your card is waste for full hd. 570 or 6970 will suffice. think why you bought it then. just to be futureproof.


as mentioned earlier CF & SLI has their own pro & Cons.

The motherboard suggested here is a Quad SLI & Quad CF & single performing card like 570 or 580 is always better than a CF of 6950 or 6970 to be futureproof.
[In this case where the resolution is limited to 1080p]
Next is the heat dissapation created by a CF set up is quite high.

I used to have a CF setup with 5770 & i have seen the temperature reaching 50C with cabinet like HAF X.

Even a 6970 is also not meant to be compared with 570.

Regarding my 580, I know a 580 is just overkill with 1080p & yes i do want it to be future proof.
But i paid the same price for 580 as buyer pay for 6950 in india just 16k [$340]

To be more specific a CF 6970 is a win win & performance is awesome w.r.t 5xx SLI only if its a Multi Screen Setup.
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Jaskanwar Singh

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The mobo p8p67 has 3 card slots:)

and it depends but no need to spend more than 30k on gpu. As nothing can last long. So sli of 580 or 570 and 6970 are biggest overkills for a single monitor. They are useful in multi monitor setups.

Heat is not a problem. I have mentioned nzxt phantom.

About 570 vs 6970 i cant speak more. No intension to spoil atmosphere. But just one thing. Each has its pros and cons. Research urself.

So like that op hasnt done something wrong that he cant be futureproof.

Ishu Gupta

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IMO, 580 and SLI aren't "wasted" on 24".
Crysis on Enthusiast settings and Metro 2033 on Highest can already bring them to their knees. Maybe other games too.

New games this year will get added to this list (Crysis 2 etc).

But yeah IMO, get a mid-high end card and replace it every series (instead of getting the best)


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A single gpu is better for op here. Multigpu configs won't give consistent performance throughout like a single fast card. Single card is hassle free as no requirements of multigpu profiles are there. When performance diminish overtime as new games emerge, an sli or cf should be thought of then.

My suggestion to op here is to get a single GTX 580 , 570 or 6970 now and sli or crossfire later. Its better this way. Starting with sli or crossfire will reduce the upgrade path. Its a more practical solution.
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Jaskanwar Singh

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Actually its not a hassle. Amd drivers and maybe nvidia drivers are so great u notice 2x performance of single card.

And its imo best to get a mid high end card like 6950 or 560 and use multigpu with it. Higher u go more difficult to control temps. And high power consumption.

So my vote to 6950 cf.
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