1. sksundram

    why Razer Goliathus doesn't work for me?

    so i got Corsair m65 gaming mouse and it was working perfect on my table. but somehow i got an itch that a true gamer needs a true gaming mouse pad. so i ordered this Razer Goliathus from flipkart. Razer Razer Goliathus - Fragged Mousepad - Razer: Flipkart.com The problem is when i use it...
  2. bkpeerless

    Keybord for Gaming

    I am planning to buy a keyboard for games. My budget is 3K. I have 2 choices Logitec 105 and razer azctosa if i have any other choice plz tell thanks
  3. Harshverma

    Gaming Headset under 5k

    Plzz recommend a Gaming Headset under 4.5k (5k max) asus Vulcan , CM sirus S , Razer Electra , Tt espotrs shock , Tt esports Shock spin , Razer Orca or any other plzz help
  4. P

    Need assistance on buying a good gaming mousee and keyboard..:)

    Hi Guys, Built a new gaming rig around 4 months back with your assistance and have been enjoying playing games like farcry3,sleepingdogs,deux ex,on it.My question is: 1)I am not that good at playing games but i want to get good.and for that will the jump from the normal keyboard ,mouse to...
  5. D

    my ultimate gaming pc...the result of my savings

    hello everybody, i am an avid gamer..i play everyday for 6 to 7 hrs after coming back from office..this is my latest config which i have ordered...i dont think i will be needing any upgradation for next many years to come i7 3770k processor intel dz77re-75k motherboard asus nvidia gtx 690...
  6. J

    Is razer naga epic that bad?

    Hello I am going to buy a mouse and decided to buy razer naga epic. But i heard a lot of reviews out there regarding it shows problems within a month. Please tell, is this mouse really that bad? I like it's looks. Any other mouse with similar looks? I know most of you will tell me to go with...
  7. J

    ssd or mouse?

    Hello I decided to purchase a new thing big confused between mouse and ssd. I want to buy razer naga epic as mouse and Samsung 840 pro 120gb as ssd. I have budget to only buy one. Although my cheap Microsoft mouse works perfectly fine but i hate its looks. Also, i want to have a wireless...
  8. himanshubias

    Steelseries kinzu or razer deathadder???

    Pls help me in choosing bw these two and if deathadder the should i go for 2013(4g) one or not??
  9. S

    Razer Goliathus Mouse Pad Speed or Control?

    Hi guys i want to buy Mouse + Pad combo. I have decided Razor Death Adder Black Edition for Mouse and Razer Goliathus Standard for Pad but pretty :-(:-( confused whether to go for Speed edition or Control Edition. Can anybody help me deciding?
  10. nikhilsharma007nikx

    gaming haedset !! 6-7k

    i need gaming headsets and the budget is just 6-7k so i selected some -- Logitech PN 981-000116 Headset - Logitech: Flipkart.com i wanna know that which headset is it ?? i think G35 Sennheiser PC 320 - Sennheiser: Flipkart.com Razer Tiamat Expert 2.2 Stereo Analog Headset - Razer...
  11. tkin

    [Complaint] I hate Razer

    I bought a Razer Deathadder a few days back, mouse is absolutely perfect, beautiful design, comfortable as hell(more comfortable than Logitech G500), smooth feet glides over mousepad and I hate it. Why you ask, because, lets start shall we, it needs to connect to internet to work, you can't...
  12. tkin

    New Gaming Mouse @ 3k and feedback on Logitech Service(for 1.5y old G500)

    My G500 just died yesterday. left click acting weird, missing clicks, double clicks when clicking once, so going to Rashi tomorrow for replacement(god save me), its less than two years old, in the event Rashi screws me over and either delays replacement or does not replace at all then I'll be...
  13. gaurav3282

    Need to buy teflon feets for razer Death Adder online Please Help

    Hey I want to buy teflon feets for Razer Deathadder online but I am not able to find any site.... Please help me finding one.....
  14. Skud

    When A Mouse Requires An Internet Connection for Full Functionality

    Now this is news, any Synapse 2.0 enabled device from Razer needs an active internet connection to install the software and make use of all the extra buttons and features thrown in. If not, the device will work like normal plug-and-play device. So your 5k+ worth of device will function not...
  15. Soumik

    Razer Nostromo thoughts ?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to get a Razer Nostromo for my general gaming purpose. I dont want to buy a full ext kb for my new laptop. Anyone here owns a Nostromo? If you do, what are your thoughts about it? Is it worth the hype and does it really benefit in some way? How about RPGs with lots of...
  16. V

    Mouse keyboard help!!!

    Okay. I'm in a fix. I want to buy a mouse and keyboard for around 6k totally. I've seen the Razer DeathAdder and Razer Arctosa till now, both of which cost around 5400. Then, I came across this Saitek Cyborg R.A.T 3 which is around 3k.. Is it good? And what is "DPI" mean? What difference...
  17. V

    Default Mouse keyboard help!!!

    Okay. I'm in a fix. I want to buy a mouse and keyboard for around 6k totally. I've seen the Razer DeathAdder and Razer Arctosa till now, both of which cost around 5400. Then, I came across this Saitek Cyborg R.A.T 3 which is around 3k.. Is it good? And what is "DPI" mean? What difference...
  18. Ronnie11

    Razer keyboard ENTER button not responding...Help

    Hey guys,i have a razer cyclosa keyboard which i bought in may 2011...the warranty is for one year...Since yest...The ENTER button which is above SHIFT button has stopped working altogether...Now can this be repaired??It is out of warranty & i didn't want to throw an expensive keyboard just...
  19. Shibaprasad

    Razer Abyssus Mouse Problem

    I recently purchased Razer Abyssus Mouse and installed it in my desktop, also installed special software from razer website. I noticed that this special soft is nothing but a graphical version of windows mouse setting. Now whenever I boot into my computer my scrolling speed is getting high and...
  20. ithehappy

    Razer Ouroboros. What's your view?

    Not a fan of Razer when it comes to mice but this upcoming one seems to be the perfect choice for me. I heartily love my G9 and was thinking of altering to a newer and better one, G9X was an idiotic upgrade, so this might be it. Killer looks, great features etc. Just need to see if it grips easy...
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