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The Boy Who Lived
Hi friends.

I am thinking of buying a new mouse + keyboard set this fall of October. My budget(sadly) is under INR 4,000. After a small search, and tracking some others forums and reviews, these are my choices. Please suggest/comment on them.

Mice (Upto 1500):

Logitech MX518[1] or Logitech G400[2] or Razer Abyssus Mirror Mouse[3]..

Keyboards(Upto 2500):

Ttesports Challenger Gaming Keyboard[4] or Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard[5].

My friends are suggesting to go for a backlit keyboard, though I don't think i'll ever use it for it backlit ability. The light in my rooms is almost always on. And I am able to do fast enough typing without a light source(except the screen).

Please friends, if you're able to suggest some better combination of keyboard and mouse to me, I'd be delighted. The total budget can't cross INR 4,000 though. :'( Also, wired USB devices will be preferred with on-the-fly sensitivity switching for mice.

Official links to mentioned devices in the SPOILER.

Sorry for providing official links. But everyone choses different reviewer/set-of-reviewing-websites.

P.S.: Razer Arctosa Keyboard is good. But in some of the reviews, I read that its keys are barely visible. As is clear from the image.
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