1. Akira

    Awesome quotes from video games

    Ever since gaming started, whether it be a console or the PC, there has been some beautiful and epic dialogue written. It could be in sound bubble, dialogue choices, or just plain old game Tags. I didn't add best to the title, because really, it's just a matter of relevance. {NOTE: There...
  2. Nanducob

    Share Your Favourite Quotes

    Please share your favorite quotes by famous people which have or have not influenced you,here. sharing mine:mrgreen:
  3. Flash

    My "Favourite MOVIE/GAME quotes"

    My "Favourite MOVIE quotes" I dont know whether there's a post already exists like this or not. But, i would like to hear from ppl posting their FAVORITE QUOTES here. Let me start this with my favorite quote from "IRON MAN", when Stark is having his 1st flight. When Stark asks for "Fixed wing...
  4. stonecaper

    Cheapest Way to get Starbucks Coffee & Nestle Coffee Mate?

    Sorry To Create a thread For this But I Tried a Lot and all quotes seem to be Super Expensive.Please advise if you Have brought these before For a better price TIA
  5. R

    A SD-RAM in Kolkata

    Want to buy a 1GB SDRAM in kolkata. Can you people give any quotes?
  6. D

    pls Review the price quotes i got for my i5 2500k build

    Hey everybody, yesterday i visited the 'nehru place/lamington road equivalent' area of hyderabad called ctc. I got some quotes for my upcoming i5 2500k build. I was positively surprised:shock: to find that the prices quoted were much lower than what i read on this forum and online stores...
  7. rohanz

    post ur websites here

    post ur websites here and tell what is it about *www.smallbusinesswebsitebuilding.com/ making a webste and earning money through it *www.minobo.co.cc/ the best quotes and pro pics and pics for tagging on ur social account :-o
  8. krates

    Quote of the day

    We have to have one of those.. My favourite is.. Be positive I wonder did we already have a thread for quotes or not lol?
  9. M

    30 Gb Video Ipod for sale!!!

    Hi Friends, I want to sell my 30 GB Ipod for Rs.4500. I would prefer Mumbai buyers (no shipping). Throw in your quotes or e-mail me at muzammillakdawala@gmail.com
  10. P

    Dell quotes too much....!!

    I wanted to buy Dell SE 192WFP 19' widescreen monitor. I wrote a mail to them, but they're quoting Rs. 11,500 for the same, which is very expensive in my opinion. On their site the price they've mentioned is Rs. 9,600. Is there any source from which I can buy at the same price or decent price.
  11. soumya

    10 hilarious anti-Microsoft quotes

    Love or hate Microsoft, these 10 quotes would make both a fan and a hater laugh their heart out. These are so funny and well thought out. I had a good laugh after reading them and I bet you would too! My friend, Ashish, showed me these hilarious anti-Microsoft quotes from BOARD OF WISDOM I...
  12. topgear

    How to Use Older Extensions and Themes With Newer Versions of Firefox

    If you want to use Extensions & themes that are not insatalling on newer versions of firefox then follow these steps : > Open Firefox. > on the address bar type “about:config” without the quotes. > create a new Boolean key aka preference & name it “extensions.checkCompatibility”...
  13. MetalheadGautham

    Ubuntu 8.04 quotes bug

    Hi All Has anyone else noticed the fact that in Ubuntu hardy heron, there is a bug due to which single and double quites don function properly ? The first time I type them, there is no output. In Konqueror, I end up with two square boxes if I use double quotes twice, in Firefox, I get two...
  14. G

    FS : creative vibra 128

    i have one used creative vibra sound card. pm me your quotes.
  15. Z

    Music CD Publishing!

    My band has recently recorded a demo and we want to get a professional package together to send to the usual potential clients. So we are looking for someone who does professional, value for money CD Duplication. We plan to publish around 1000 CDs with the relevant details (Band Name, Song...
  16. pritish_kul2

    Post your quotes

    Post ur quotes whether it b e t-shirt,road signs etc bt they should be FUNNY Just mention the type
  17. Gigacore

    Aishwarya Rai Quotes

    I never knew Aish has some quotes - Giga :D Source
  18. PCWORM

    T-Shirt quotes....

    hi..... do ne1 of u here hav gud T-Shirt quotes?? i wanna print one on my t-shirt....or any site which can help?
  19. A

    19 inch lcd

    i have decided to go in for 19 inch lcd monitor but confused which model and make to go for ( viewsonic, samsung, etc.) ... please suggest which lcd should i go for and its approx. market price ... my budget is 8-12 k. p.s. i have gone through the whole sticky of latest hardware prices...
  20. gauravakaasid

    Google bomb or goof-up??

    got this piece of hilarious info in a mail forward: go to google search n type "she invented" w/o the quotes of-course just look at the results!!:lol: if this has been posted before, mods may delete this thread
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