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Dell quotes too much....!!

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I wanted to buy Dell SE 192WFP 19' widescreen monitor. I wrote a mail to them, but they're quoting Rs. 11,500 for the same, which is very expensive in my opinion. On their site the price they've mentioned is Rs. 9,600. Is there any source from which I can buy at the same price or decent price.


I bought it for 9,100 + taxes a month ago In bangalore.

Any way you shouldnt end up paying more than 9,500 for this one. You being in mumbai should get a good deal from Lamington.


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brahmand computers in opp lane of ctc is dell distributor in hyderbad. u can try there buddy.


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I got it for around 10,600..couple of months..back..they are quoting too much. I had also ordered online (phone)..from the Bangalore center.


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Don't forget dollar prices are rising, rupee's getting fu*ked in valuation. So, expect hardware prices to rise more.
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