1. william

    Desktop VS Laptop

    Hey guys give your opinion- A Desktop is more Powerful than Laptop no matter for what purpose it is used. There is going to be a heated discussion!!!!!
  2. ramprasad

    FCB IE - Title hack problem

    Hi, Recently I was affected by a malware - FCB or something like that. When I use the Shift key for any purpose (even while typing), a browser window pops up and the purpose of using Shift is defeated. A set of junk characters appear when I press Shift in Notepad. I use Spybot...
  3. N

    Pre-installed software??

    i want to know how to make a pre installed environment like we use to make Win XP using Bart PE for maintenence purpose ..Similarly how to make it for other softwares like Norton antivirus and all .........?? pls tell
  4. papai_mcc

    SLI technology

    Can any body tell me that is there any advantage of SLI motherboards over nForce4 Ultra chipset(e.g. A8N-E) unless i use two graphics card?My purpose of Pc is doing multimedia works.Should i go for a sli motherboard or A8N-E?
  5. M

    Computer Murder

    This topic aims towards my quest which recently came to my mind.It may be an old thing or a new way to create excitement for those who enjoy destruction. Here I mean about how to quicken the process of wearing or disintegration of processor. Processor is probably the most active part of our...
  6. G

    pc for heavy number crunching

    i'm planning to dump my athlonxp 2000+/a7n266vm/256 ddr266 ram combination for a new one, and my budget is arnd 17k, max 20k. now the primary purpose of my pc will be large amounts of number crunching, data analysis, mathematical modeling with matlab, neural network programming and simulation...
  7. Nitin_Tyagi

    Useful Websites

    I feel that people always need to know about the websites which are very useful. Therefore i thought of dedicating a thread to the purpose. I Invite people to post the adresses of those websites which they find very useful but people should take care that 1.) The website should be a very...
  8. R

    do u think MYSQL is reliable?

    is anyone here using mysql for practicle purpose. Is anyone using mysql for commercial purpose , if yes, can u rely on this free database? I am opinion that, it is riskty to develop systems based on mysql. Am i right in this regard?
  9. T

    Please help me buy a SPEAKER SYSTEM

    Well I need help to buy myself a good SPEAKERS with Mic. Requirements : HeadPhone Speakers with Mic OR Just a beautiful small Mic. Purpose: My intensions are to use this device with my Computer only. The Mic is to be used for dictation purpose to the computer. I must be able to...
  10. T

    Digital Projector

    Can I watch a Movie DVD on a Digital projector which is connected to my computer ? I just want to install a screen in my room instead of regualar TV to watch DVD movies. So, please tell me, if it is possible or not and also tell the brand and model which are good for this purpose.
  11. J

    Loopback IP

    Hi all, What is the purpose and use to loopback ip address Thanks
  12. B

    reboot problem

    hi guys; this is my first post to this forum; :D i have pIII 800 Mhz pc with mercury motherboard; its about 4 years old, it has very odd problem that it gets restart automatically frequently with out any application runing, although im upgrading my pc to amd 2800 with asus motherboard...
  13. john_the_ultimate

    where can i download??

    from where can i download Edited for free. Information about any Edited for this purpose would be useful. Edited by drgrudge
  14. siriusb

    Good and free Notepad replacment

    Anybpdy know of a good free notepad replacement? There's a lot of replacements out there. One of you must've done a research and downloaded the best. My purpose is to use as a better notepad and a code editor with non-fussy interface.
  15. D

    How to make a registry hack permanent?

    Hi guys I have a registry hack for some purpose. It serves its purpose but after i reboot the PC it does not function. Can someone tell me how to make a registry hack permanent in the registry? Please help me guys. I'm in a very tight situation. :oops: Please help me. Thanx in advance :D .
  16. kau_therock

    New rig help needed urgently

    Hi guys. Kaustubh here.same old question. sorry for starting a new thread. well i want to buy a new rig basically for playing games and animation purpose. taking everything in considerations i have made up my mind on buying an INTEL sys.due to its HT tech. am i right? OR shud i go for AMD...
  17. M

    JPG to DWG????

    hey guys, i have got a JPG picture.Plz tell me how to view and edit it in Autocad 2000.Any converter for this purpose?
  18. K


    For educational purpose, I would like to buy a Cordless Headphone of good quality for Computer, TV and Radio. Can you give me a list of Headphones suitable for the purpose along with their prices?
  19. S

    nokia 2600

    is it really worth to buy, under 5k or shuld i go for nokia 3100 for camera purpose too
  20. S

    Help with ideas in Digital Camera. Plz.Urgent.

    I have planned to go for a digital camera. The purpose is of the camera will be "I will ask my customer to come to my place and i will take a snap of them" and get it printed using a bubble jet printer ( i will connect the camera directly to the printer and get the printout without the use of a...
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