1. K

    any completly Freeware Software

    Whenever I attempt to edit the files, taken from the History or Favorites, into Word Document, I cannot edit them to my satisfaction. Is there any special and completely freeware Software available for the purpose?
  2. T

    win xp restore problem

    hi guys, I want to restore my pc to earlier restore point but what i see is my system restore is currently suspended I tried increasing disk space reserved for same purpose but nothing happened... I want to change it to MONITERING state again how can i do please help...
  3. S

    Need an accurate PDF to DOC

    I have a 1000 pages of pdf files that I want to convert to Word (.DOC) .. Need a software for the same purpose... ABBYY Finereader 7 is too costly an affair for me.. Help d00ds..
  4. anilmail17

    plz help Direct cable connection

    How to connect two PC's using Direct cable. Can i use Dot matrix parallel printer cable for this purpose. Please help me and send the reply soon :)
  5. B


    digit's given microsoft virtual pc this time...wat's its real purpose and how do we operate it??
  6. K

    Your advice-reg.

    · When I attempt to open and see the received e-mail with attachment, it says that OE removed the access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail: cat-final-complete-2005 final.pdf. What is actually the problem, and how to correct it, Sir? · I am using a Samsung 17� SyncMaster...
  7. S

    VCD and SVCD

    Is it possible to have 5.1 channel audio on a VCD and on a SVCD?? If yes, then what program should I use for this purpose and how is it to be done.
  8. D

    Connecting up computers

    I live in a hostel, where many of us have computers. How can we connect these computers together as a network so that we can play multiplayer games, send files over the network, etc? Do we need a central server for that stuff, or are our pcs enough for the purpose? Please tell me what all...
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