1. J

    Software for cleaning of computers

    I have Windows Vista installed on my PC.What would be the best software to buy to clean and speed up my PC? I need the best registry cleaner available. Though there are many freebies offered, I am willing to pay for the best one for my pc. Can anyone suggest me the best program available for the...
  2. JamesTryForYou

    Moniter+Pen Tablet

    Hello all, i have a budget of 14k and i am interested to buy LCD moniter and a WACOM pen tablet(the one used for animation purpose). Please suggest me as soon as possible cuz i hav hardly one day. Thank You
  3. JamesTryForYou

    Help buying me a flat screen

    Hello everone, i want to buy a 15 inch flat screen, bcuz that only seemd portable. I want to use it for animation purpose, so please suggest me the cheapest one available. Thank you all :D
  4. Anindya


    Every now and then i have seen people creating a thread to get useful tips or asking for config before buying or upgrading a PC or laptop. Why dont we use one thread for this purpose like other topics? So i hope members will use this thread for this purpose without creating his own thread.
  5. S

    suggest good CPU config....

    Hello, somebody please suggest for as good(best) configuration in present market. my purpose is for analysis softwares(FLUENT.ANSYS...) and I have Rs 30,000/-in my hand only for Motherboard+processor+Ram.
  6. S

    suggest a config 4 CPU

    Hello, somebody please suggest for as good(best) configuration in present market. my purpose is for analysis softwares(FLUENT.ANSYS...) and I have Rs 30,000/-in my hand only for Motherboard+processor+Ram.
  7. JamesTryForYou

    Which One's Best?

    Hello guys, can anyone tell me which is the best processor AMD or INTEL for animation purpose. ANd please also gimme some info about Motherboards.:confused:
  8. bajaj151


    Hi..... I want to buy a laptop....i dont know....of which comapny...i should go for....thts why ...i want ur help.....plz suggest me..... My purpose is......entertainment....office work....internet.....gaming (not hifg end types) just normal games..... THX in advance......
  9. Anindya

    How to direct output through printer or parallel port in 'C'?

    Hello friends, can anyone plz tell me how can i direct the output through the printer or parallel port of the computer? It is not for printer purpose but for the electrical purpose. I mainly need the electrical signals after the computer takes the decision then use it. Hope i am clear. U can...
  10. JamesTryForYou

    Help me build an animation PC under 70k

    Hi all ,i want to assemble a desktop pc for Animation Purpose, please suggest me good hardware for the same under 70k Give me all details and quality of hardware and a good rendering monitor 4 gb ddr2 ram a good graphics card sound card 160 gb harddisk DVD writer keyboard and mouse firewire...
  11. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a laptop for basic purpose.

    I want to buy a laptop for basic purpose, msoffice, web browsing etc. So please could some one suggest the cheapest laptop. Haven't set any budget but will decide according to your suggestions.
  12. Pragadheesh

    purpose of Refresh & Registry..!!

    hi,these ques might be a silly.. but i want to know in depth.. 1) why do v refresh the system..? i dont mean the browsers which provide Refresh button to reload the page.. normally when one starts d system he would <bold>(Right Click->Refresh)</bold> refresh the desktop few times.. does this...
  13. koolbluez


    What does this file, svchost.exe, exactly do? Whenever I try to access internet, my COMODO firewall shows it trying to access the network. Is it some windows-file-turned-trojan/worm? What is its exact purpose? I felt that sometime I'm not able to access net after disabling it in COMODO. Can u...
  14. panacea_amc

    <<< Any Website Developers here?? i need help!!>>

    hello people, i am a newbie to this website buisness. i am setting up a website for my personal use. its = *panacea.3-hosting.net my purpose is ONLY to tack the I.P. address of the visitors to my website. si there any specific software for this purpose? in my site, i have da...
  15. ECE0105

    Help me Buy an MP3 Player.

    Hi People, I am in need of an MP3 Player and I require the following features 1) Shud be powered by a Single AAA Size Battery (These are not a hassle to lug around). 2) Would be great if it supports a Memory Card (MMC or SD, since I have a few of these lying around). This is optional...
  16. V

    Need A Good N/w Simulator

    hi friends... i'm a CCNA holder.... i need a general purpose ( not like simulators dedicated for CCNA ) Network Simulator for all kinda learning purpose. i heard abt ns ( Network Simulator ) . i donno abt that. i think it may be for Unix. I need a GUI one for Windows.. Please suggest...
  17. mayneu

    which screen recording software works on vista???

    hi guys, i wanna install a good screen recording software on vista. but i tried few softwares with no success. i was using my screen recorder in media centre OS. it was working perfect. but i couldnt record audio as i dont have a sound card. can anyone tell me which is teh best screen...
  18. n2casey

    Website designing

    I have got a job work for website designing/developing. I want to design a website like Digit Forum, www.2advanced.com etc. Earlier I have used MS Front Page, MS Word etc. for this purpose but limted options r available there. So tell me name of tools/softwares for that purpose. Also provide...
  19. gursimran_2006

    Which browser is best for uploading!!!

    Which browser is best for uploading purpose.
  20. C

    PC config for around 45000/-

    guys i need a good config for around 45000/- fror gaming and graphic purpose
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