Suggest a laptop for basic purpose.

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I want to buy a laptop for basic purpose, msoffice, web browsing etc. So please could some one suggest the cheapest laptop. Haven't set any budget but will decide according to your suggestions.


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tehnogeek said:
check out laptops offered by hcl....they have a series of low cost laptops...which are for basic use ......

HCL have laptos below 30,000 with 1GB RAM & DVD writer but celeron based. If Celeron is not a problem, then these are the cheapest. Next is Acers celeron based or AMD based laptops.


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Recently I happened to see an advertisement of ACi laptops of a wide range starting from one for Rs.19000/- to very costly ones. But the one for 19K is one with Via processor and most others with Intel ones. So you may consider their products also.
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