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I live in a hostel, where many of us have computers. How can we connect these computers together as a network so that we can play multiplayer games, send files over the network, etc? Do we need a central server for that stuff, or are our pcs enough for the purpose? Please tell me what all hardwares are required for the purpose of connecting them up. and what the cost of connecting them will be. There are about 5 to 6 comps in one block. Please help!!!


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you need a hub ...

3-4 computers cant just be connected to each other ..
you'll also need a server so that u get an ip ..

cant say anything about cost ...

geeks reply ..


no need if server for playing games.........

first make a LAN
get an 100 mbps hub and cat 5 cable.
now u need to connect all ur pcs to this hub. get the cable straight crimped and connect all LAN ports of PCs to any free port on hub except one named "Uplink".

now some software configuration
go to Network Properties>TCP/IP Settings for ur Network card
give urself IPs like ,, ....
give subnet mask as

now create muliplayer game server on any of the comp any (fastest) and others can join that server.

few network games u would like to play : Quake III, UT series, HalfLife, Halo, C&C, AOE series, NFS, Fifa, and many others


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Get a switch instead of a hub for better performance. I have the same kind of setup (7 PCs) in my place (I run a samall gaming zone as a side business). If u r using XP, setting up a lan is breezy. Just run the network setup wizard and follow the instructions. AFTER the wizard has restarted ur systems, manually input IP adds in the TCP/ IP settings in the local area connection properties jeat like adipa posted. Just remember to change only thr last numbers and , of course, restart.
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