1. techiemaharaj

    Motherboard + CPU Suggestion needed

    Greetings all, Recently the motherboard started giving some issues, as in it went in an ON/OFF loop, (would be on for 2-3 secs, then off and on again...) I have a 'crappy' PSU, but it seems to be working fine as I tried on the other Mobos I have. The computer hardware guy suggested Mobo is dead...
  2. T

    New ~400W PSU

    My rig: Intel i5 2400 (95W) 4GB RAM Seagate HDD 500GB DVD ROM GPU (will be adding soon 7770 / 77790 ~100W) I have a VIP PSU right now. I am thinking of upgrading to: Corsair CX430V2 Antec VP450P Seasonic SS400BT Corsair VP450 Seasonic S12II 430 I know the Cooler Master...
  3. rockfella

    PSU fan dead, replacement?

    My Corsair VX450 PSU died after 5/6 years. WD40 and machine oil didnot help. Need a replacement. This is the default fan model : ADDA cooling fan AD1212MB-A71GL. Where can I source it in India? Any alternatives/suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  4. S

    Best price for r9 280x in Mumbai lamington road ( need the best stores )

    Guys i am from mumbai,I am soon going to buy a 280x If it fits in my budget otherwise i am getting 760 for 17k OR 7950 for 20k at lamington road , The main problem is which is the best store which will give me the cheapest 280x and as I know my PSU is **** so i wanna change my PSU too but the...
  5. flyingcow

    Changing parts form 2 PC's(troubleshooting) [URGENT]

    hey guys my old pc is having problems it doesnt boot up, no display , checked woth GPU and with mobo vga didnt work. removed ram, replaced rams tried 2-3 diff. rams didnt work. placed no ram and booted, no sound or beeps (which come from the pc when faulty ram inserted etc) i think that the...
  6. R

    Need GPU suggestion to pair with corsair 430CX pasu and i3450 processor

    Guys, Planning to get a new GPU for my system. Please suggest something that my PSU can handle and under my budget. Open to both Nvidia and AMD based ones. 1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Corsair 430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU 2. What is...
  7. B

    Is a quality 500W PSU sufficient? (gaming PC)

    I am considering buying a new gaming PC. It will have an i5 and a single graphics card? No overclocking of either the graphics card or the processor. So, is a qulaity PSU like the Seasonic 520W sufficient for such a rig, for any single graphics card? In the future, if I get a beast graphics card...
  8. G

    Upgrade my old pc

    Hi these are my pc specs i want to know the maximum upgradation i can do to this pc. I know this pc is outdated but still its enough for my father( he says so)!!! I want to know the maximum upgrade i can do to my, 1) Cpu 2) Gpu 3) Psu 4 Hard drive 5) Other Add ons 6) Anything else if i've...
  9. jkultimate

    PSU information please..

    I have a local Zebronics psu in my pc... I can't figured out how much Watts is that psu... Here is a pic of psu... its saying 300 watt for total consumption... So does it means that my PSU is 300 watt? Am considering buying a GPU soon, HD 6670 ddr5... so will it be enough for new graphics...
  10. T

    Is my PSU failing?

    Hi,I have a Corsair TX750 that I bought 2 years ago. Lately, the PC just shuts down randomly. It's like someone pulled the plug, no BSOD or any error, *POOF* PC is off just like that. I cant really tell when it shuts down as it seems to be random. Its not an OS issue either. I did a full format...
  11. S

    need good graphic card around 20-22k !!

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: (VIP company)(model no-vip-400r) (i buyed for 600rs on 1.5 year back no idea abt was written 240w , 280w max) 2. What is your budget? Ans:20-23k 3. Which resolution will you game at...
  12. S

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 650ti Boost

    Hey Guys. I am looking forward to buy a GTX 650 ti boost 2GB GPU I'm Confused to go for Galaxy or for Zotac. I have a 400W PSU and according to flipkart the Galaxy needs only 400W PSU but Zotac requires a 450W. here's the comparison between them: Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650TI (Boost...
  13. S

    400W PSU enough?

    Hey Guys I am planning to buy a new graphic card for my rig which is :ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB. I want to know whether my psu of 400W will power enough for it or not. On ZOTAC's official site it is mentioned to use 450W PSU. I am not going to overclock it but I want it to...
  14. 7shivam1

    PSU Fan Replacement.

    I have almost 4year old PSU. Its Odyssey 230v. Problem is that, its FAN isn't working anymore. It was not working since 2-3 months but I didnt knew that :o One day while cleaning PC I noticed a LOT of Dust on its wings... it was doubtful. One day I Open'd my Cabinet,Took out PSU , Kept it out...
  15. blackpearl

    Corsair VS550 or CX430?

    I'm on the lookout for a new SMPS for my PC of modest configuration (i3 2100, 8GB RAM, G210 Gfx card, 1SSD + 2HDD, 1 DVD drive) The Corsair VS550 and Corsair CX430 falls within my budget, but I'm confused which one to go for. Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU - Corsair: Corsair SMPS...
  16. N

    Power supply problem

    Hi guys, Few days back my Corsair VX550 went kaput and I sent it for RMA to Kizen Mumbai. Yesterday I got a brand new PSU from them however, it is VS550. They told that VX550 is now discontinued. Is this PSU OK for my system in signature ?
  17. T

    ati hd 6570 on a pci xpress1 slot? Help!

    I have a pc with the following config: Gigbbytega g31 chipset board with pci xprewithslot. Intel core2duo processor 2.0 Ghz. And generic psu zebronics 500 watt. one I also have a HCL 350 watt psu which is Spare. Recently i got ati hd 6570 2gb ddr3 card. Can i install the card on this...
  18. R

    Dead psu?

    I recently upgraded to Amd fx 8320 Gigabyte Mobo 8gb DDR Ram. While my graphics card and psu and cabinet remain the same. It worked fine till i was using it for just net surfing and a bit of Maya. But as soon as i Fired up Football Manager, the cpu shut down And does not power on...
  19. D

    No display after installing new Corsair VS550 PSU

    I changed my current PSU (Cooler Master RS600) to a new Corsair VS550 but when I switch on the machine, the HDD, the fans and the processors turn on, but there's no display. The display works fine on the older, CM PSU. The config: Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 Motherboard: Gigabyte...
  20. sahil1033

    System malfunctioning after PSU upgrade, clueless, urgent help needed !!

    I upgraded my cabinet and PSU (NZXT Gamma and Corsair GS600 respectively) and now PC is showing some problems. I've no idea why is this happening? When I plug 2 USB devices, my mouse power automatically goes off and re-plugging the mouse doesn't help, the only option left with me is restarting...
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