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  1. BakBob

    Replacement suggestions

    My S4 died recently. (The charging port stopped working). Obligatory questionnaire - 1. Budget? Upto 35k, but i'd rather not splurge a lot. 2. Display type and size? AMOLED 5" preferred. 3. Dual sim? No. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Not SamShit. 5. What camera...
  2. TechnoBOY

    what is the use of updating android firmware ?? :-?

    i heard of many complaints after updating the android os version or firmware like the battery back up has reduced i know there are many pros but why dont they provide the option to restore to older version if they face many problems :-? :|
  3. technova

    nexus 4

    Dear All, Going to buy White Nexus 4 as black piece is not available. Please share your thoughs ie pros and cons or any specific issue with the N4.
  4. A

    confused between 10k xolo q700 or 18k sony xperia l?

    guys has made up mind on these two phones Xolo q700 pros xolo looks very good bt dnt know after sales service better pixel density than l Sony xperia l pros gwd after sales future proof os suport plz add more to help me decide
  5. A

    Comparison between 3 mobiles among which I need to buy a one

    I have shortlisted 3 phones. They are Samsung metro duos C3352, Nokia Asha 205 & Nokia Asha 206. Please help me guys with your suggestions. Please mention the pros & cons & suggest which one will be better?
  6. H

    Word on Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3 Motherboard

    Can someone tell me more about this board how will it perform with thrid gen it's a big bang for the buck Need a small review u know pros n cons :)
  7. G

    What are the pros and cons of the Galaxy s2 official ICS upgrade?

    I'm thinking of upgrading to ICS before leaving for college. The people who are using ICS on their GT i9100's, please do let me know the pros and cons of upgrading to ICS. And whether overall it is better to upgrade or not. Thanks. :)
  8. E

    Tablet purchase decision : Milagrow MGPT04-16GB vs. Sony (SGPT111IN/S) Tablet S Wi-Fi, 16 GB?

    Hi All, I am currently in a limbo as I need to decide on purchasing a new tablet. I have shortlisted these two tablets, Milagrow MGPT04-16GB & Sony (SGPT111IN/S) Tablet S Wi-Fi, 16 GB. My basic need is to read ebooks on the tablet and the following has been my finding of the pros and cons of...
  9. A

    Defy XT or Desire S

    Hi I need a new android phone. My budget is around 15k, max 20 but i want to spend as minimum as possible. So I looked through the threads and my heart is set on 2 phones Defy XT and Desire S. Please tell me which one should i go for along with their pros and cons. If there is any other...
  10. dfcols71

    asus monitors

    asus monitors pros and cons no views yet on them why?
  11. N

    Best Portable rechargeable speakers...???

    I am using a HP Pavillion dv4 1506tx and a smartphone, for which i want a pair of speakers. The speakers must have rechargeable battery. My budget is rs. 1300. Tell the pros & cons of these. I saw Enzatec sp308 & sp 302. Please tell which one is better. Please help..!!
  12. D

    The LG Optimus Net Thread

    Guys Post your Review about this phone when compared to other competitors, Its pros and cons., Comparisons etc........
  13. MetallosaurusRex

    What is custom ROM?

    Well, been through the forums and noticed this term being used a lot. I suppose its for upgrading your mobile to a new platform? So, enlighten me about what that means. What is IT actually, where does it go, how do you get it, whats the format, pros, cons, everything :)
  14. S

    new xperia mini

    sony said it will be releasing in q3. well q3 is about to start but no news of it. anybody know when it will be released? or this one is also going to go the xperia neo's or pro's way like delayed release in india?
  15. S

    Samsung galaxy fit with android 2.2...buy or not

    The samsung galaxy fit costing around 11k with android 2.2. I'm thinking to get it but dont know its pros and cons. Help me out...suggest other android smart phones around same priceline.
  16. V

    htc wildfire

    i have a budget of 12k for a android based phone and i have come around HTC wildfire . plz share its pros and cons . and if any other suggestions .
  17. R

    Chennai Gaming Center

    Hello guys .. Am raju Am planning to setup a LAN gaming center in Besant nagar. My plan is to form a strong game freaks team in chennai and to provide cheap and high end gaming.. i would like to speak up with Game pros and consultants.. Any Help, suggestions.... Plz do mail me. 'll join and...
  18. D

    Planned to get Nokia C6..

    Guys your comments plz...pros & cons...???
  19. H

    data recovery windows 7

    This is a straightforward question, how much worthy is rollback rx for windows 7, what are the pros and cons?. Is their anything better data recovery software for windows 7
  20. G

    Dell vostro 3700

    Hello, to all of you.I want to buy DELL VOSTRO 3700 LAPTOP.It's a Business series Laptop.Can any one tell me more about this Laptop? like its pros and cons etc.Thank you for reading this post. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
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