1. R

    Lock Folder Access without any third party software

    How to lock folders in windows without using any third party software? Step1: Open the properties page of the folder you want to lock. Step2: Select the Security tab at the top and click on Edit. If asked then give your administrator password. Step3: Change the check boxes of 'Read' and...
  2. C

    Problem with port forwarding

    I wanted to do port forwarding on my router but it isn't working. I've set up a static ip first, by putting all the details like IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway in TCP/IPv4 properties, in Local Area Connection properties. Then I opened my router's GUI to configure the port forwarding...
  3. M

    Edit: Video File Properties

    I am using windows 7 and i cant change the properties of some video formates such as .rmvb. Actually i have a bunch of TV-Series and i want to edit them as "season", "episode" and so on, I have searched and downloaded a bunch of software like "File Property Edit Pro 3.51", "abcavi Tag Editor"...
  4. papashango_cs

    windows 7 probelm ! please help !

    hello i have win 7 ultimate 64 bit i have a 500gb hdd , in my C drive , the windows has been installed when i check the properties -------- it shows used space 23.4gb and total space 97.5gb free - 74.1gb -------- but when i go inside the drive , select all the folders n files, n then...
  5. curioustechy

    Hidden files

    I'm using vista home premium.. when i hide a file/folder by checking the 'hidden' box in the properties, yes it vanishes.... but when i go to windows explorer folder properties and give the option 'show all hidden files & show hidden system files'... that file/folder is not popping up... what...
  6. G

    How to modify system properties?

    Hello, to all of you. When we right click on My computer icon then a menu appears and after selecting the properties from this menu, a system properties page appears, I want to know in the General tab if somebody wants to change the name of the processor etc. Is it possible in Windows? Please...
  7. P

    no audio in win 7

    hey guys. i recently got a new comp and everything went perfect until i found that i get no audio at all! ive instatlled all the latest drivers but to no avail. . but wen i play a file it plays without a hitch and the equalizer too seems to be jumping up and down in the audio properties. so...
  8. R

    xp installed, vista installed, only vista opens.

    hi frnds, i want 2 have 2 os on my pc. so i installed xp sp2 1st nd den vista ultimate, but when computer starts , it doesnt show any options for selecting between os nd starts vista automatically. so i went to advanced properties in properties of my computer nd changes the values there, but...
  9. R

    help!! pdf properties to word properties

    hello friends, i want to print my PDF files in WORD format. but the problem is that i can't set-up desired MARGIN in WORD. so how can i change pdf properties of file to word properties in my desired way. hoping for all yr cooperation.
  10. pavilion

    I cant open the project properties in Visual Studio

    There is something wrong with it, this error occured when I opened the properties of Project (see the image) An error occurred trying to load the page. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Without this, I can't change the project type between Windows App and Console App...
  11. R

    Wall Paper

    I am not able to set my wall paper on my desktop. Whenever I set a wall paper it disappears after few minutes and comes to blank. When I check the properties it always remain in 'none'. Please tell me how to solve this problem.
  12. super jango

    Mouse single-click problem

    Guyz, My mouse started acting in a very unexpected way.It automatically changes my single-clicks to double-clicks:confused:!So when i am trying to do something using a single click like dragging an icon in the desktop, it suddenly opens the folder like when we press the double-click:mad:!I tried...
  13. M

    Windows 7 Modified System Properties

    Hi, Guyz, Hope you fine This is my first hacked file using Resource Hacker. I Were Created This Windows 7 System Properties. You can freely distribute this System Properties but please add my credit also. ===> Here is the screen shoot: Click Here To Download All Instructions are in the...
  14. bharat_r

    Is my Pendrive dead?

    I have a 4 Gb pendrive.But am not able to copy files to it which are more than a few kb. It shows teh capacity as 2.98 MB instead for 4 Gb :confused: This is what it's properties show: I tried formatting it again & again under XP & Vista & also tried it under ubuntu..but it remains the...
  15. Worried From Bugs

    Change XP System Properties to Windows 7 System Properties

    Download from here
  16. A

    Keyboard Problem

    I have a problem with my mouse and keyboard.I am using a Samsung SDL1500 PS2 Keyboard When I doubleclick any icon on my desktop,the properties window opens up.Similarly when i open any window the menubar is highlighted.The numberkeys,alphabet keys, arrow keys etc are not working. I thought...
  17. P

    Folder Lock

    Hi there, hopefully someone can help me with this bl***y programme. I know this has been covered else where but after much reading I cannot get a definate answer. I did have folder lock installed and I still have a 'folder' with all my info in it but its all scrambled and try as I might I cannot...
  18. J

    Display property is not opening...

    Friends, If i right click desktop and try to open the dispaly properties. It is not opening . Please help me out Thanks and regards JC
  19. topgear

    How to disable specific items from loading in control panel

    Say you don't want to load a specific item ( ie control panel applet ) in the control panel or you don't want to see unnecessary items in the control panel. This trick will disable any item that you don't want to show up in the control panel. Open Registry Editor. Go to Start > Run...
  20. K

    HELP guyz need help

    hey guys i have encountered a big problem whenever i double click my computer icon it open the properties of it. help its urgent.:confused::(
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