1. Y

    want good topic for DBMS project

    hi,i want to make desktop application using Java as backend and mongoDb as front end ... so please suggest me some topics and help me out...i have no experience of doing projects... please help...and also show me the way how to proceed....
  2. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Innovative topics for Class XII CBSE investigatory projects.

    We have been given Chemistry and Physics projects to do and I want something different to do. There are a lot of projects to do in science but nothing that i feel is greatly "investigatory"(especially in physics) . I might have a lot of topics in my mind but i don't really remember such stuff...
  3. Desmond

    Warning: Don’t Download Software From SourceForge If You Can Help It

    Tl;dr: There have been widespread reports that SourceForge is hijacking accounts of its projects and bundling adware and/or malware with their installers. For the love of God, DO NOT download from SourceForge. Source: Warning: Don?t Download Software From SourceForge If You Can Help It
  4. Anorion


    for 3D/CGI that you are working on or finished projects
  5. Shah

    [Freelancing] Got cheated by the client

    Hello, digitians I am a student pursuing B.E. CSE and I work as a freelance programmer and web developer in my free time. My parent's don't know about me working as a freelancer and I just donate the money I earn to charity or I spend it on some of my other hobbies. This post is about how I...
  6. RBX

    Project Partners

    I'm looking for people interested in partnering with me for a project. My main aim is to add a project to my resume. Secondary aims include: Learn some teamwork (all my previous projects have been 1 man projects). Learn use of github, sourceforge and the like for versioning, collaboration...
  7. sujoyp

    Photo Projects - Practical Approach

    Hello Friends, From last some days I was thinking to start this topic. Actually I love to do different geners of photography like landscape, product, drop, smoke, animal, flower macro etc ...and would never set some specific likes or dislikes for a specific type. Soo I found a book online...
  8. R

    Android projects problem :( please help guys m running out of time

    guys plss help me i m having compile time errors in my android projects nd stuck on that nd digit is not allwoing me to send u those files which are in zip can i send u requests and show my problems? :( yaar semesters me numebrs ka sawaal hai
  9. Krow

    FOSS Donation List

    I always wanted to donate to different FOSS (Free and Open Source) projects, but never could for some reason or the other. In this thread I will list some projects I have been using a lot and mark an amount for donation. I will donate as and when I have the resources. My donations may seem...
  10. mitraark

    Help me make a CV

    Well i am in my 3rd year of IT and others have been starting to get busy applying in many places for projects and internship. And the most important thing you need to apply is a Good CV. Since there are a lot of 'seniors' :oops: here i hoped to get a few good tips :D One internship we have...
  11. @

    Institutes for BE Final Year Projects - BLR, HYD

    I am in final year of my CSE & I need institutes which guide us for final year projects. If you know any good institutes please let me know their Names or website link or phone no. Cities - Banglore or Hyderabad Thanks in advance :D
  12. G

    The US legally recognizes video games as an art form

    The US National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) now considers video games eligible for artistic funding, meaning they are legally recognized as an art form. For those not familiar with the NEA, it is a US government program which funds artistic projects to “enhance the public good.” In other words...
  13. Z

    Distributed Systems

    Sir I'm An engineering Student Of the University Of Mumbai At our Institute when we work on Virtual Reality projects,we constantly face problems with rendering as the best computers also take a lot of time to render.following this problem i thought distributed system would be a a viable...
  14. nims11

    20 years of LINUX

  15. Krow

    A dissertation on Open Source

    The Open Source Debate This dissertation will focus on the ongoing debates on open sourcing of projects all over the world. It will try to answer vital questions about security, finance and overall viability of open sourced projects. Wikipedia, one of the world’s most popular open source...
  16. A

    Software Projects

    My Dear fallows belongs to Pakistan and I have lots of Project source code of different natures projects, I want to sale these types of projects, any one can help me to sale out and purchase my projects source code.
  17. H

    Suggest how to start with Microcontroller Electronics

    Just gave my 2nd sem exam. My 3rd sem will start in August. In the meanwhile, I want to start with Microcontroller Electronics and build some small projects. And when I have become good at it, hope to build the ever-so-popular line follower robot. Can you suggest some books or websites...
  18. A

    Need Help Purchasing a Gaming Laptop.

    hey i want to buy a laptop for gaming, multimedia and college projects under 75k. Please suggest some good laptops !
  19. P

    Need help getting LEDs for a project.

    Hi everyone. I'm back after an absence of 4 months - I was concentrating on some projects in electronics. I need some help in getting certain types of LEDs for one of my projects. It shouldn't be difficult for someone who lives in a major city. But I live in a remote location and Indian shops...
  20. rahul_jaiswal31

    help about HTML

    Hi I am 2nd year engg. student. I need some html projects for submission as i dont know how to code it. Is there any website which offers free html projects?? Please help me. If you have any project please let me know. Thanks in advance
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