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A dissertation on Open Source


The Open Source Debate

This dissertation will focus on the ongoing debates on open sourcing of projects all over the world. It will try to answer vital questions about security, finance and overall viability of open sourced projects.

Wikipedia, one of the world’s most popular open source projects, describes open source as “practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.” This means that anyone can access and edit anyone else’s work. This collaborative content generation has benefited many.

Is such a model viable? How open source is our world? Why should one open source anything? What are the problems with open source? How does one guard against vandalism of open source work? Does open source end with software like Linux or is it present in other realms? This dissertation will attempt to address many such queries.

This dissertation will also take a critical view of the open source versus copyrights and intellectual property rights debate.


This is the proposal for a 5000-8000 word dissertation I am going to be doing here. I need to do some hardcore reading for this. I will post articles I find. I plan to begin with Rahim's awesome thread on interesting OSS articles.

Feel free to suggest reading material or anything you like pertaining to the topic. Looking forward to your help. TIA.

Any other doubts, etc, please ask.
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