[For Sale] HiMedia HD900B 3D Media Player

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Expected Price (Rs.): 6500 shipped

Item Condition: 4 out of 5

Purchase Date: Aug. 2011

Remaining Warranty Period: None

Invoice Available?: No

Reason for Sale: Got an HTPC

Shipping from: Thane

Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer

a popular media player till not long back, this 3D media player has been kept with good care with me since 2011. its running on a CFW named 'Bast Castle'. will come with a remote, an HDMI cable, wifi antenna, original box. some features of it:

- 3D playback
- 1 USB 3.0 slave port
- HDD bay supporting upto 3TB 3.5" HDD
- front touch control panel

rest can be read at below links:



has a full-fledged ownership thread on hifivision forum too, if more info is needed. feel free to write to me too for any query.

please keep all communication limited to the PM-mode. negotiation in price possible; but lowballing wont be appreciated.















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To add to OP's post, you can use this as a NAS, extremely helpful if you want to consolidate all media into one device and have access to the files over the network.
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