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Hello there

First of all Im quite sorry to start a thread like this.Im not a great writer at all:crying_NF: I havebeen using past 6 year an Intel core 2duo powered lappy which is now showing its age in the world of modern os and apps
I want to buy a sixth gen i7 quadcore laptop in the price range of 60-65k and i came to this option:

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Its quadcore i7 sixth gen (My top priority)
Full hd , backlit Keyboards (2nd priority)
Good cooling ,again its single fan powered ,but still all online reviews praised its cooling capability.(3rd priority,since I know how it feels when u use overheated and underpowered system,my current one :banghead::banghead:
Nvidia Gtx950(Not a powerhouse but ok for 720p gaming)
and Price is very catchy too (Paytm even offering cashback , although cashback cant be transferred to bank but theres a trick so after that effective price will be 56K) and after savings I can upgrade some SSD

Now the catch is that its a Thai imported laptop, the only change is that there will be thai keywords at bottom of Eng keyowrds(small though) and its DOS(again not an issue coz i can have win10) and doubtful warranty (doesn't matter what seller is saying manufacturer or seller warranty ,,when it comes real warranty ,that will be a hard time )

So i want to hear your thoughts on this ,whether to book this one or go for more reliable one(like Amazon,flipkart )
In this price range(60k) ,by going legal way ,,i can get only ULV cpu which I dont consider a worthy upgrade.

ps:- Its the same seller Garg.enterprise who is also on ebay,shopclues
ps2:- Asus rog 551jx ,,,well its quite a good one too but no Skylake ,less batterybackup and my brother bought Asus n61 and it got faulty webcam which still not working after 5 years,so a bad experience from my side
That HP one has seller warranty, so don't expect manufacturer warranty

If you need warranty & can let go of backlit keyboard, then there is Asus R510JX

Also I think you can transfer the money in Paytm wallet to bank with the paytm wallet app
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