1. V

    Windows 10 - GP service issue on logon

    I have recently upgraded my laptop to windows 10. Fine. But for the past 10 days, I am getting the following notification, whenever the laptop boots. "Failed to connect to window service. Could not connect to Group policy client service." etc. Whether the above position is a hindrance to my...
  2. cute.bandar

    I Fixed GPS problem in new Phone, not sure why/how it worked though..

    So I got this new phone for myself : ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Price in India - Buy ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Blue 4 Online - ZTE : Flipkart.com - zte grand quad lite Its great in all respects, except the gps was giving me major pain. Just would not connect to any satellite. Had a forever searching...
  3. sling-shot

    Discussion - To keep the toilet seat up or not to

    There are many jokes or humorous lines about the fights/arguments between husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend regarding the issue of toilet seat position. I want to have a decision once for all - technically which is the best position of a toilet seat? And why do ladies want it down? My...
  4. pulkitpopli2004

    Review : Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

    Hi guys First time writing a review, and that too for my new keyboard with my new keyboard Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. (Kindly bear if any mistake occur) My KB History – Logitech(Simple Keyboard) –>Amkette KB -> Samsung Multimedia –> Mech. TVS Gold –> Microsoft KB 4000 Let me starts...
  5. R

    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    hi guys i was checking my location on my htc legend with google maps. it shows akola as my position whereas i am in mumbai. y is that? wht cud be wrong?
  6. M

    having trouble with Win 7, recently installed

    Dear experts, as i was using the Win 7 Evaluation Copy for the last a month or so, but last week, it showd that, it is going to lock, as to register for. that made me in trouble, and after that, IE and some other app got struck. before 4 days, i again installed the same Win 7. coz, i like...
  7. sujeet2555

    onboard sound is faint

    i have just bought ASUS M3A78-EM having ALC1200.i have installed all the drivers.but sound i very low as compared to my previous CMEDIA onboard solution.even if i cranked my speaker (5.1) to full volume,sound is very low.i have full volume in sound settings...
  8. arpanmukherjee1


    sb pl give me the c/c++ source code of first and follow position in top-down parsing
  9. Sooraj_digit

    Is My Overclocking Safe ???

    i have overcloked my cpu Pentium(Prescott) 133*22=2.93Ghz to 155*22=3.41Ghz with max. temp upto 48 C without any conflicts till date for 3 months. Am I under safe position or should i reduce it?? Can any one tell me the limit of overclocking and cons. of overclocking
  10. D

    What's wrong with my monitor?

    i have a viewsonic vx1940w 19" lcd monitor(max resolution--1680 x 1050)..the problem is-i cannot adjust the horizontal & vertical position of the display..the options are greyed out in the setup menu..i use an 8600gt graphic card..the input is through dvi..other options such as fine...
  11. aminsagar123

    PowerDVD Resume

    PowerDVD has a resume feature for DVDs but it doesn't work if we import and play media files. Is there any way to save movie position in Power DVD so we can resume from that point at a later time ? Thanks.
  12. pritish_kul2

    Boot sector virus

    URGENT:Boot sector virus I don't knw bt this virus comes in to my PC once a month :( . wht happens is tht the omputer doesn't load fully and restarts on the half way. wot to do ....i m in no position to format the hdd...every time i hv to do tht...:(any other way....remember i can't switch on...
  13. the.kaushik

    How to make my html programs open by default in notepad2

    I am facing this problem recently.I usually use notepad2 for small changes in codes and so i want to add the nodepad2 icon on the open with option when i right click on some files say html or jsp. Problem is if i do browse and select the position where notepad2 exists then also the change is...
  14. B

    Spyware Doctor V/S Spy Sweeper

    I just see the rating for spyware softwares on toptenreview.com , i can't believe that spyware doctor in 5th position and spy sweeper is in 1st position. So what does this mean that spy sweeper is better than spyware doctor. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  15. B

    Softwares Ratings

    There is any site where i found the softwares Rating of all softwares like Antivirus and other softwares which are in No.1 position. Please help to find out this site.:grin:
  16. S

    Is it safe to keep system horizontal ?

    Is it safe if I keep my HDD and DVD writer in this position ???
  17. anandk

    how to change the ie7 file menu location.

    regisrty patch 2 restore ie7 file menu location bar back 2 d TOP. ie7 users will have noticed that standard top application menu bar (File, Edit, View etc) is no longer visible. u have to turn it on but it shows on the second toolbar line over to the right hand side of the screen rather...
  18. T

    Sub-Woofer placement near CPU (not shielded)

    Heres my problem , I have a Logitech Z5500 speaker set . The sub-woofer is not magnetically shielded . Now comes the placemtn of this unit . Check out the attachment , will there be any problems if I keep it in position 1 near the CPU ? A person once told me tht doing so might damage the CPU and...
  19. Official Techie

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

    please help i am facing problem at the mission where i have to control the helicopter to drop bombs the helicopter comes upwards down and i have tried very hard to bring it in right position but i m not able to everytime i try i end up blowing the helicopter please help how should i do this
  20. S

    What if Server Goes Down ?

    Hello Everyone!! :rolleyes: Friends i need help on this topic. I am new in a small company. what an Administrator should do if server goes down. what r the steps an administratro should take to make the server smooth and also to save his position in the company. Thanx
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