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  1. sravan

    portable hdd

    can u plz suggest me the best portable hard drive having capacity of 80 GB ? also give me the details of prices !
  2. tarey_g

    Suggest me some good earphones within 1k

    Hi, plz suggest me some good options for earphones (plug ones, like the ones which come with SE phones). I can spend upto 1k on these. need them for portable music player and PSP. Plz dont suggest headphones, earphones only.
  3. S

    Plzzzz suggest a good PVP (portable video player)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friends,I am thinking to purchase a good portable video player within Rs. 3500.It should have a decent screen and some average sound quality.after browsing a lot ,I found unibit's X 813 (http://www.unibit.com.cn/eproducts_show.asp?id=187) and a meizu m6 player...
  4. P

    good vid cam

    hey guyz.. which is the best camcorder...that has good quality, is portable..and cheap as well. >??
  5. blackpearl

    How to turn any application portable and run from a USB drive

    We will use a software called Thinstall. Thinstall is an Application Virtualization Platform that enables complex software to be transformed into self-contained EXE files which can run instantly with zero installation from any data source. It creates a virtual operating system, a type of...
  6. vandit

    portable apps..

    here's a site that provides a list of many portable apps(which can be stored/installed on a USB disk)..... http://pendriveapps.com/ just thought of sharing with u guys... :)
  7. L

    What pendrive am I looking for here?

    Okay, before reading any further, make sure you understand that I'm a tech-n00b, so please try to minimise the dissing and all. :-? Well, I'm looking for a pendrive / portable USB HDD that has some kinda external lock (as in some kinda physical lock, not software locking) which'd make it...
  8. ring_wraith

    Buying a Portable HDD

    Hey. I am looking to buy a Portable HDD of 40 Gigs. I need just 40 gigs so plz don't post just asking me to get a bigger one. So I wanted to know which one was good and what the price was like. I'll go for 80 gig if the price diff. is not much.
  9. A

    HCL launches MiLeap Ultra Portable and most affordable laptops

    Hindustan Computers Limited, alias HCL have a good understanding about the need of Indian community. They had always tried to introduce world class products in India at a price, most affordable to the Indian Market. HCL is India's own IT service provider and premier ICT System Integrator and...
  10. G

    suggest a gud portable media player

    hi frnds ... plz suggest me a gud portable media player under 3300 rs . i shud go for mp4 player or iPod shuffle ?? if other than iPod shuffle than please tell me the player information ... thi is my first time buying a portable media player ..so dont know much.thanx in advance .
  11. go4saket

    Favorite Portable Applications !!!

    Hi Guys! Portable applications is today's demand and a hell lot of websites are offering these kinds of software. The problem is in choosing the best out of the lot. So, post in your favorite portable applications and if possible, a line or two about the software along with its download link...
  12. FatBeing

    [Pre(?)view Feedback] Digit January 2008

    Yes, we slacked off too this New Year's.... January 2008 Magazine Contents Cover Story A Game Of Chess It’s not a fight—not with blood, anyway. Our test winners thus far have had it good, but there’s always a challenger ahead. Will the champions stick around, or will the be checkmated...
  13. cooldude666666

    Firefox Problem

    I am using Firefox Portable Of late my firefox just either freezes up and just stays in memory but the window doesn't show. To restart it, I have to force close firefox using the taskkill command. And sometimes, when it does open up, no websites open-up. I've tried everything, even...
  14. max_demon

    What to Buy for 1k?

    i have 1k to spend on my PC , Guys what u think is best for my pc? my config is as follows AMD 3500+ 2.2Ghz 512MB DDR RAM Motherboard (Stuck with DDR, But has PCI-E) All Regular things 300GB HDD and also , is that possible tha i can get 2.5" HDD >5 GB with Portable Case (or anything) and use...
  15. P

    Portable hard drive not workin

    Today I purchase one 80 GB Hitachi, 2.5" portable hard drive. when I connect to my system....althou it recognizes it...but new drive does not appear inside My Computers ....Pls help me out in this !!!!
  16. D

    Portable harddisk

    I want to buy a portable harddisk of 80 GB to store my pics, songs, software, etc. Which is the best one which has firewire and all latest features and please quote the price (<4000)
  17. rahul_jaiswal31

    portable harddisk or **ck disk

    hi guys. this problem will make me die. i am using a portable harddisk 1st time. when i connect it via usb, only the light in d hd glows up. there is no drive letter or anything else that shows hd is connected. please help me in this situation while the dealer doesn't know anything
  18. P

    Portable Hard Disk Suggestion

    Can anybody suggest me a good portable hard disk? My range is Rs. 4000/- Thanks :) Prasanna.
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