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  1. I

    The Air Quality Index Website

    Civil Lines, Delhi, Delhi Air Pollution: Real-time PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI) Just put in your city on the top right, and if the US embassy has set up sensors there,it'll pop up. For those in Delhi, check out civil lines during traffic hours. Its almost always above the highest levels.
  2. S

    Pop up ads annoying

    I am using android mobile. When i browse through internet, i am getting lots of pop up ads. Its very irritating. please suggest me best anti-pop up application to stop these annoying ads.
  3. A

    App for setting pop up type reminder on office pc

    looking for an App for setting pop up type reminder on office pc-the pc is not connected to the internet.the pc has window xp
  4. H

    How to remove this "Windows Script Host" Error? - Please Help

    pop up when startup pop up when i click any program and icon on start menu and desktop Please Help :'(
  5. cacklebolt

    How do i convince my dad????

    hello guys i want to know from you how should i convince my father to port from CDMA to GSM and to sell his old SAMSUNG GALAXY POP CDMA bought last october and get a new SONY XPERIA MIRO.... he always says he will use a phone for atleast 2 and 1/2 years before buying a new phone... not against...
  6. T

    Impressed by the Pop Up Video feature of Galaxy S3?

    Hey all! Who all are impressed by the pop up video feature of the new Galaxy S3 ? I hope everyone is .....want to have it on your android??? IT IS POSSIBLE :D :D :D see here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gpc.myweb.hinet.net.PopupVideo and it works flawlessly ;)...
  7. S

    galaxy pop hanged

    i have a galaxy pop. i went into the recovery mode but it just hanged while initialising. it is not even getting switched off. please tell me what sould i do. is there any harm if a remove the battery and start it again?
  8. izzikio_rage

    Samsung Galaxy pop CDMA (I559) advise

    Hello I had purchased a Galaxy Pop CDMA (SCH-I559) some time back and am really enjoying the android experience. By now I finally managed to build up the guts to root my phone and try to update it a little and needed some help' 1) The internal memory (phone memory) in this phone is very...
  9. vickybat

    Best android phone under 8k(strict)

    Hello friends. :) Need to make a purchase soon and budget is tight as you can see. Have shortlisted on two phones which are: 1. Samsung galaxy Y @ 7.5k 2.Samsung galaxy pop s5570 @ 8k Guys from what i've found out, the pop has a slight better hardware than Y as it sports an adreno...
  10. A

    Contacts Problem in Galaxy pop

    I have a strange contacts problem with samsung galaxy pop. Some of my contacts are not visible in contacts list. But when I type those contact numbers on keypad, those names appear in instant search. Please help me.
  11. Y

    Galaxy Fit or Galaxy Pop ?

    Hi friends. Want an decent android phone. confused between galaxy Fit, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Pop. Which one will be best for playing games and using apps
  12. gdebojyoti

    Is XBOX 360 the best gamepad available in India?

    I am thinking of buying a USB gamepad for my computer for playing games like FIFA, NFS and PoP. I have heard that XBOX 360 is the best one in the market. Is it true?
  13. meetdilip

    Disable Autoplay in Windows 7

    Can someone please give the path to disable autoplay in W7 Ultimate. The problem is, I got an internal 500 GB SATA HDD connected through USB using an Tech Com external case. It so happens that it is getting disconnected frequently (some 5 times a day) and autoplay options pop up every now and...
  14. K

    Weird charging issues with my galaxy POP

    Hello All, I am facing these weird problems with my Samsung Galaxy POP: 1. It takes about 4-5 hrs to charge fully (till 100% shown in the upper left corner) 2. It discharges in <12hrs after a full charge 3. Sometimes while charging, if I remove it from charging, it will still keep...
  15. sanads

    Acces internet on pc by low budget android phone

    Acces internet on pc by low budget android phone as I do with old samsung/nokia/sony mobile to use internet on required. I can do the same if I buy samsung galaxy pop.........bcoz I am planning to buy pop if this featue is available .or I swtich to nokia 5233/5230 ....please help me to choose
  16. Sarath

    Comnputer Speaker 2.1 @ INR2000

    Comnputer Speaker 2.1 @ INR 5000/- Since every piece of audio equipment in my home is dying I feel that God is asking of me to get myself new set of speakers. Kindly suggest any good ones you have heard or are using ranging from 1000 to 2000. Increased to "Rs. 5000" Usage: Just regular...
  17. TechPlex

    Is new always not better?

    Hey friends, I would like to make you remember the battle ground game which was developed by EA in association with Zipper Interactive, Recoil. A game based on battlefield tanks and was released in 1998. Recently, I downloaded it from the internet and when I mounted the image on the virtual...
  18. N

    Will selling all my gadgets be worth a laptop

    Heres what i have A PSP 1001 With 3 Game UMDs and 2 Movie UMDs An Apple ipod touch 4g 8gb A sony walkman B series LG POP GD510 (I know thats not a big list but still :lol:) Do you think selling all these will get me a lappie if yes which one should i opt for :grin:
  19. M

    Please help in making decision to buy LG Optimus One or Galaxy POP

    Hi All My samsung basic phone is not at all switching on from last night so i ve to buy a new phone, I'm thinking of LG Optimus one but my friends r telling not to buy that bcoz of the earlier lg mobiles, dust and Touch lag issue but I understand resolution and battery wise lg is way better...
  20. T

    GALAXY POP battery problem...

    i've bought POP a couple of days back and the Battery Life is HORRIBLE! my battery gets consumed @1% per minute while surfing(WiFi and 3G disabled...Brightness minnimum) ... i can't even find an 'inbuilt' app to see the 'REMAINING BATTERY' the ones i dlded from Market are quite AMBIGUOUS...pls...
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