1. masterkd

    Need a camera within 15K

    I need a camera within 15k And I accept I am noob in cameras I searched a little bit and shortlisted SX 240 but also open for other suggestions Please help me to get one. Thanks in advance. What's your budget? Rs. 15000 Camera type? DSLR or Point and Shoot Advanced Point and Shoot Body...
  2. C

    point and shoot Camera for 12k

    Hi, I am looking for a point and shoot camera for around 12k.I have seen models canon sx 260 and nikon s9100.I really like the sx 260 model but it is costly comes around 15.5 k.On the other hand the features like monochrome and other photo modes are not present in nikon s9100.Can you...
  3. Faun

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM Review

    -In Progress- So far, these are my observations as per my personal preference. Will be updating the post with other details throughout this week with C-12. Initial impressions: Reverberation due to wooden enclosure is always a plus point for me. Bass punch is good and stands out in...
  4. abirthedevil

    Cheap basic point and shoot

    Hello, guys I come to present my noob self and ask for suggestions about buying a basic point and shoot. Haven t owned a digital camera for like 8 years now, the last and only one I owned was a 4MP canon powershot for 10k something, those were the early days of digital cameras and the camera was...
  5. harshilsharma63

    Whats app on Vodafone

    Hi. Has anyone been able to use whats app on vodafone? Mine is not working. I own nokia x2 00 and whats app's faq said to use vodafone mobile connect as the access point. But I only have vodafone live! I tried getting the VMC settings but those do not contain access point. So, if anyone has been...
  6. A

    Suggestions for Point and Shoot Camera's in 5K-7K

    Hi suggest some Point and Shoot Digi Cam, will be using it personally for some photos. What's your budget?: 5k-7k Camera type/Body style?:Compact, Point and Shoot How much zoom do you want/expect?: 12MP-16MP Do you care for manual exposure controls?: No, but would prefer easy to...
  7. dead.night7

    Micro controllers / Arduinos and Raspberry Pi in India

    I know, thinkdigit magazine and the forum itself, often tries to focus on on technology related issues that are kind of having sense in electronic pc hardware, including motherboards, cpus ram, custom made enthusiast pcs and the likes. I did read an issue past two years ago about Fast Track...
  8. mitraark

    Canon PowerShot A2300 at 5.3k

    Cameras :: Point & Shoot :: Canon PowerShot A2300 Point & Shoot - ShopClues.com: Is this a good deal ? Around Rs 5270. Rs 6300 elsewhere in Flipkart. If i want to buy a decent point and shoot camera with easy handling and other good specs ( really don't know much about cameras :( )...
  9. M

    Nikon S6300 or S6400?

    I want to but a point and shoot with full HD. I am confused between s6300 and s6400. Which one will be better? Any other suggestion.
  10. z3rO

    Point and Shoot Camera around 15k

    What's your budget? Around 15k ± 1k Camera type? Point and Shoot Camera Do you care for manual exposure controls? I rarely tinker with these settings, good to have it but can do without it also. What will you be shooting with this camera? This camera will mostly be used for indoor...
  11. C

    Unable to skip to a point in youtube videos

    I am unable to skip specific part of youtube video in firefox When I click on a point in the progress bar, the slider jumps to that point and the progress bar fills to that point. However, the video just starts playing & buffering from the beginning again even if video is fully downloaded...
  12. S

    smart phones vs digi cams

    is some smart phones offer better image quality than basic point and shoot??
  13. Cilus

    AMD FX-6300 and FX-4300 now available !

    Hi Guys, as discussed in FX 8350 thread, we are planning to build a strong poll to bring FX 6300 in Indian Market. Currently we are not seeing any PileDriver CPU apart from FX 8350, the top most model, has been made available in Indian Market. So we are taken an initiative for highlighting the...
  14. Cool Buddy

    How to clean Point and Shoot Camera Lens

    I have a Canon IXUS 115 HS point & shoot camera. It seems I or someone else accidentally touched the camera lens and there's a finger print and some dust on it which is spoiling my photos. How can I clean the lens? Is there a simple home remedy available? I saw some lens cleaners on flipkart...
  15. A

    Car stereo help needed!!!

    Hey guys I have an alto 2008 model... I am planning to setup sound system but my budget is very tight max around 8k... i am an amateur audiophile but i do nit have any idea in terms of car stereo... So i need your help in setting up a good enough setup for my car... Also i need to point out...
  16. T

    Wifi router/ access point

    Hi there, I need wifi at home. I currently have a 4portLAN ADSL2+ modem at home for BSNL broadband.. What is the main difference between a router and an access point? Is a router an access point with a built in modem? I was thinking of a wifi N router... Which company is good? I heard...
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    Help to convert wired internet to wireless

    Hello, I have internet on my laptop which comes through a LAN cable in my apartment. I have no access to the cable or DSL modem from which the other end of the lan cable is connected. I want to convert this wired internet connection to a wireless one. What do I need? I searched using Google...
  18. R

    laptop buying advice

    Must requirements : 1) great battery life 2) great audio quality 3) light weight 4) good looks In order of preference. Nil gaming . Screen size 15"+ but can consider 14" if convinced.Also, a point to note that OS is not an issue as i can download win 7/8 from my college site for...
  19. J

    Wi Di interface between laptops and Smart TV

    I have heard Wi Di interface between laptops and Smart TV's is becoming commonplace. At what point will Intel's Wi Di will be incorporated in Smartphones?
  20. iinfi

    buying a point and shoot camera tomorrow

    hi .. i m planning to buy a point and shoot camera tomorrow ... which brand is better? Sony or Nikkon for point n shoot? DSC-HX10V : H Series : Digital Still Camera : Sony India is this a good camera? my budge is around 15k ... but will buy this if its gona be a good value for money! how...
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