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  1. ax3

    new hdd for storage

    hi, i was using Seagate 2tb hdd for 9 months which developed lotta bad sectors ... Now i need 2 move my data to new hdd ... plz do suggest me a new hdd for storage ... & does use of torrents / downloading files lead to bad sectors ??? Thanx
  2. B

    podcast help

    hi guys i need some help submitting my videos as podcasts to itunes while linking it to my blog plz help
  3. Ashok Verma

    plz suggest SONY XPERIA M is good or not?.....

    i'm going to buy a decent entry level budget phone around 12-15k... plz suggest whether SONY XPERIA M is worth or i should wait...!!!?
  4. D

    Rate this toolbar!!!

    Is this toolbar best for our site? Download Leave your comments plz.....

    Want to buy headset(earphone+mic) for samsung champ

    hi guys,i want to buy a headset for DAILY HARD USE .....My budget is upto 700+-........plz sugest me 1.....thanx 4 replies in advance...! .....
  6. M

    Company Of Heroes 2 error

    Hey i installed Company of heroes 2 when i tried to run it, it showed "The Application failed to initialize"blah blah blah:-( due to runtime error (0xc0000142):-x:-x plz guys can u help i'm waiting for a reply
  7. K

    Gaming laptop

    I want to buy a gaming laptop within Rs. 35k. I heard HP laptops are gud in gaming. Plz suggst..
  8. tech0freak0

    Want engineering ebooks....?

    Guys plz can u, some share important ebooks for engineering. As i'm doing computer science engineering, plz share some books related to computer science. Thanks..
  9. Garv1386

    Suggest a Graphics card for my friend

    Hello Friends, Plz Suggest Graphics card for My friend Configuration Intel® Pentium® Processor E5300 Simtronics G31 Motherboard 3GB DDR2 Ram Plz suggest PSU if required
  10. Subro

    Help selecting the best phone for my needs

    Hey guys plz help I want to buy a smartphone,for purpose of net browsing,little gaming, chatting, etc. My budget is max. 18K. I have zeroed upon Sony Xperia L, Samsung Grand Quattro, Samsung Galaxy Core. But after going through reviews I like Sony Xperia L more. So what do u think...
  11. I

    Data travellor problem

    I have 4 Gb usb data travellor. I cannot open o format it,shows msa "it is write protected" plz help me
  12. A_ashish_A

    About Ssd and Hard disc

    I'm planning to buy a 128/250gb ssd and a 2/3tb hard disc for my desktop. Plz suggest both components within 12k range. Also I read somewhere that 3tb hard drive is not recommended as the larger the drive is the more chances of failure it has... Its it true? Should i stay away from 3tb? Plz also...
  13. K

    Xperia J r Lumia 620& Xperia L r Lumia 720...

    M planning to buy 2 mob's,1 for my sis(<15k), for me (>15k) I have 4 inmy mind,bt lil confusion,plz suggest me wch would b d best wid reasons also plz.. 1)Xperia J or Lumia 620 2)Xperia L or Lumia 720 i had posted a similar query prior,sry,.... plz give ur replies,i gotto buy within 2,3...
  14. K

    Lumia 620 or Xperia J..

    Plz suggest me wch 1 to choose, 1)Xperia j or Lumia 620(<15k) for my sis and 2)Xperia L or Lumia 720(>15k) for me... also give reasons plz so i wanna buy 2 mob's... sry i had posted a similar query prior to dis....
  15. K

    Lumia 720 or Xperia L...

    Plz suggest me wid reasons wch 1 to choose,either Lumia 720 r Xperia L.... Both contains almost similar features(ofcourse O.S is diff) n i like both. Wch O.S is gud(ofcourse both :) ),Android r Windows,give reasons plz?
  16. B

    media player

    i need to buy a media player for tv plz help
  17. V

    PC keep running with no display

    hello, Yesterday i got struck with a problem i cleaned my mobo but after all connection my PC keeps running but no display. All fans are running fine also there is no power in CD drive plz help me out i hve tried all hack tricks watever i can but no luck
  18. A

    XOLO q800 OR lava IRIS 504q... plz advise

    hi.. i am really confused between xolo q800 and lava 504q my doubts are as follws..... i know all the specification performance review benchmarks. Also i can live with 4.5 inch qHD scrn..... 1. The price diff btween them is around 2000 and lava provides flip cover(500/-) OTG...
  19. B

    Tech Blogger needs help

    guys i need some help i am owner of a tech blog that gets 100-200 visits per day but now i am facing a problem of what to post as i am not able to review gadgets plz help me as to what i can post
  20. Subhankar Mondal

    save me

    Today I am in big trouble. My LOCAL[C] drive is full with VIRUS. My pc specification- Hard disc=1 TB Local c drive= 40 GB Processor=core i 3. ram= 4gb OS=Windows 7 [but not original.] My antivirus= QUICK-HEAL TOTAL SECURITY 2013 [ORIGINAL]. Now the main problem is =In Local [C] drive/...
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