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  1. A

    Logitech Z623 or Altec Lansing Octane 7???????

    Hey guy’s I wanted to buy 2.1 speakers for my computer so plz help me to choose between this two. Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    New iPad

    Hi! I wanna ask you people before seeking my new iPad from USA. That is it UnlocKAble to use in India? I'm in confusion that if i take it from usa(coz cheap there than India :-)), will be able to get it unlocked to use here in my Country? If yes, plz tell me all the pros and cons after that...
  3. Champ

    Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

    Purpose served... Mods plz close thread
  4. ax3

    AVG or Avast ! ! !

    will b installing new OS so kinda need to install AV also ... was using avast6 ... should i change it to AVG or keep it same ??? ppl using AVG plz reply, how is it ??? coz its rated as TOP 1 free av by digit & other mags ....
  5. P

    Dell Vostro 1550 or Asus P53E-S0101D?

    Hi, I am confused between these 2 laptops, the config for both are same: i5 4gb RAM, 500gb HDD, no graphic card I don have any gaming requirements I am currently inclined to buy Dell Vostro but am still confused...plz help me out.. Also, can someone tell me how is the track pad of Dell...
  6. B

    SE W8 Screen Problem

    hi i am having a problem with SE W8 my screen turns on and off automatically without touching any button plz help. I am running nAa kernel on custom rom-gingerZaraki V02 plz help
  7. ax3

    Iphone or Galaxy SII ! ! !

    i wanna buy any 1 of these phones, Iphone 4s or Galaxy SII .... bt confused which 1 to go for, plz do guide me with pros & cons ??? thanx
  8. S

    [SOLVED]Making bootable dvd

    I downloaded an iso file of windows 7 but i cant understand how to make a bootable dvd of it using iso plz help me soon thanks
  9. V

    folder locked my important files.. plz tell me how to unlock it

    i locked some files via folder lock.. it is very important.. even in ms dos the name of file is '.' ... plz tell me what should i do to get it:cry:
  10. ax3

    Internet Security Suites ! ! !

    with digit supplying alotta internet security suites just thought of installing 1 & experiencing them bt just 1 ? in my mind . can u shutdown/disable THAT firewall when you are not connected to the net ??? coz i think you dont need it if not connected . so ppl using these suites plz plz plz do...
  11. Micheal

    Which network operator in Delhi?

    okay this may not be the perfect section to post, so admins plz feel free to move it to any other relevant section. although i posted here after much mulling over. I use a HTC Wildfire S here in kolkata. Previously was on Vodafone but now on Tata Docomo. Reasons being low tariffs on all -...
  12. S

    which FPS game to buy??

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying Battlefield 3 today for Multiplayer gaming. I had played the Beta of the game and really liked it. Now i'm having second thoughts. There are some things i wanna know. 1) How many Maps are there in BF3? (not including the Karkand DLC pack) 2)Which one...
  13. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Want a X58 1366 Motherboard

    Hi guys, i will like to buy a Cheap x58 1366 socket motherboard only. If anyone will like to sell his mobo do let me know via PM. Plz PM me all offers . THANKS
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