1. V

    folder locked my important files.. plz tell me how to unlock it

    i locked some files via folder lock.. it is very important.. even in ms dos the name of file is '.' ... plz tell me what should i do to get it:cry:
  2. Micheal

    Which network operator in Delhi?

    okay this may not be the perfect section to post, so admins plz feel free to move it to any other relevant section. although i posted here after much mulling over. I use a HTC Wildfire S here in kolkata. Previously was on Vodafone but now on Tata Docomo. Reasons being low tariffs on all -...
  3. S

    which FPS game to buy??

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying Battlefield 3 today for Multiplayer gaming. I had played the Beta of the game and really liked it. Now i'm having second thoughts. There are some things i wanna know. 1) How many Maps are there in BF3? (not including the Karkand DLC pack) 2)Which one...
  4. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Want a X58 1366 Motherboard

    Hi guys, i will like to buy a Cheap x58 1366 socket motherboard only. If anyone will like to sell his mobo do let me know via PM. Plz PM me all offers . THANKS
  5. Blue Ripazah

    Suggest me a netbook for law student

    Hi guys my cousin needs a netbook just for case studying and surfing the internet ...plz sugest a good netbook ...or shud he buy a notebook ..
  6. P

    Help me.. PC problems.

    Hello, I have an older PC and facing few problems. I think i need to add an SSD & Graphics card. Plz advice Here is my Present config : Pentium D @ 3 Ghz Intel motherboard DG965 RY 3 GB DDR2 RAM Seagate 500 GB HDD SATA Samsung DVD RW SATA Viewsonic 19" LCD 1400x900 zebronics SMPS...
  7. Nerevarine

    cheap DVD Printer

    I need a printer capable of CD/DVD Printing, under Rs5K..I already have a HP F4100, i dont need another AIO.. Plz suggest
  8. R

    senneheiser cx-180 street IInd

    Hi everyone.. Thinking to buy a good IEM around a price range of 1.5k Anyone using senneheiser cx-180 street IInd ?? Can u plz provide feedback on how these sound ?? :-)
  9. deadcode00

    need GPU and PSU for 13000rs

    hi i need a GPU and PSU and my budget is 13000rs i'm really confused over amd and nvidia atm.. i'm a 3d artist and i love to play game aswell, i heard that amd gpu are not that gud for 3d application... plz solve my dilemma my pc specification... mobo-asus p5gc-mx cpu-core 2 duo e6600@2.4ghz...
  10. P

    Plz suggest good bsnl broadband plan ?

    plz suggest good bsnl broadband plan i am downloading song ,games ,soft. or is bsnl 850uld plan is best or not ? plz tell me
  11. pritamk

    ip msgr

    i am having trouble while transferring files via ip messenger it shows " Preparing to transfer" but file doesnt download plz help
  12. I

    dual sim with low SAR rate

    Dear fds, i am planing to buy a dual sim/triple sim mobile with low sar rate with in lowest and music is important mobile brand not a problem.... can u plz suggest gud one plz..with details thq indu
  13. cray.x

    logitech M100 mouse

    is this good for casual gaming! i like to play FPS a lot and some times dota too??? otherwise plz suggest a good one under 800 bucks. thanks in advance!
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