1. P

    My pc is not starting up!!!

    :-( I started my pc today. was not starting. r working fine....but no lights on keyboard and mouse ...and bo display on monitor. ...plz help. ..
  2. C

    Suggest mobo

    Plz suggest a motherboard with 1150 socket under Rs. 6000 supports 2 way SLI
  3. Ashok Verma

    what an inverter AC is.!!? Suggest Split under 30K budget

    frnds as i was looking for a split ac. i came accross with inverter ac. i don't have any idea about them plz tell me is it worth to buy that one... Also, i'm looking to buy an split AC and thinking of buying samsung 1.5Ton 5Star AC. plz suggest me a gud one.
  4. bkpeerless

    What to buy ps3 or xbox

    This summer I am planning to buy a PS3 or xbox not (ps4 for xbox one because its out of budget. Plz sugest what to buy. the only thing i am worried about is the life of this console after the launch of next gen. plz help ..
  5. Ashok Verma

    which motherboard is better...

    thinking of an upgrade to my system, i've selected AMD FX6300 but confused about the mo-bo for it, ASUS M5A78 or GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 or GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P... plz suggest.....
  6. B

    looking to buy a gaming laptop under rs 80000....PLZ suggest one....?

    Which is best for gaming??
  7. M

    need gpu under 3000 /-

    i need a gpu for playing latest games like assassin creed fifa 14 etc. plz suggest a graphic card under 3000 and my system config is intel g33 motherboard intel core2duo e7400 cpu 2 gb of ram 320 gb hdd plz help me:-?
  8. B


    hi guys i want to dual boot with windows 7 and a media center os(like xbmc) plz help
  9. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Need a Gpu Like Hd6670/5670/6570 , Etc

    Hi guys, my friend needs a low-end gpu like hd6670/5670/6570 , etc asap. Plz pm me if you have got one for sale. The gpu should be in warranty. PLZ PM me all offers. Thanks
  10. vikrraal

    headphone in india in 5k range for surrounding sound and good bass

    Hii everyone i'm planning to buy a headphone in 5000INR for listening music and sometimes movies. i'll mostly use it on my lappy and sometimes with my HTC one x+. so plz suggest me some good products with rich bass,good surround sound and sound isolation. i'm not an audiophile and this is...
  11. K

    urgent help required on buying HP pavilion 15n012tx

    I am planning to purchase a laptop. My budget is 50k. I have selected HP pavilion 15n012tx. 4th gen i5, 4gbram, 2gb graphics 740, kindly tell is it gud buy?? And if possible plz provide any alternative, my main purpose of laptop is entertainment, gaming, laptop weight and battery backup should...
  12. D

    FREEPP error

    Dear digitians I'm using Ipad4 and i've installed FREEPP software. it was working fine before, but now i cant type(compose) in msg box. plz help me to solve this issue. thanks
  13. B


    guys i need help i need to connect my pc and my laptop for playing games via lan and sharing data how do i do it? plz help
  14. S

    bsnl 2g or 3g

    hi all. i am gonna get a bsnl sim for data access only. shud i go for a 2g sim and convert the connection to 3g later or get the 3g sim directly? could someone plz advise? i'm in the kolkata circle of bsnl.
  15. B


    i just bought a new battery for my laptop, and i was looking how to keep it healthy. one website says u should not discharge it till 0 and other says you should what to do plz guide me
  16. shankar_psn

    Palm Grip Mouse

    I am searching for a good palm grip mouse ... i have large hands so plz suggest me a good palm grip mouse ...
  17. B

    camera's photos are black

    guys i need some help i have a kodak easyshare c140 its aperture is not opening so the photos are coming totally black plz help
  18. A

    xolo x910,A500s,q800 or lumia 520....?? @ this DASHEHRA.......

    xolo x910 ,or xolo a500s, or xolo q800 or nokia lumia 520 i am planning to buy phone this Dhashehra.. want your advice from above options plz be as detail as you can.. i am bending towards xolo x910 ... 'coz of intel processor
  19. B

    podcast help

    hi guys i need some help submitting my videos as podcasts to itunes while linking it to my blog plz help
  20. Ashok Verma

    plz suggest SONY XPERIA M is good or not?.....

    i'm going to buy a decent entry level budget phone around 12-15k... plz suggest whether SONY XPERIA M is worth or i should wait...!!!?
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