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Lumia 620 or Xperia J..

Plz suggest me wch 1 to choose,
1)Xperia j or Lumia 620(<15k) for my sis
and 2)Xperia L or Lumia 720(>15k) for me...
also give reasons plz
so i wanna buy 2 mob's...
sry i had posted a similar query prior to dis....


Feeling Gravity
Please provide your usage as the both platforms are different. if you Love to use lots of apps then Android is better. but if you love the simple and Lag free phone then WP8 IMO


Get android phones if u can. Xperia l much more vfm than Lumia 720.....The main reason being more apps in android & better config of XL... But in comparing xperia j and lumia 620 i wud go for the latter bcuz of the crap performance of XJ...But for ur sis i wud suggest LG optimus L7 ii For reasons like better cam,better procy, better battery and still in the budget u specified...


Pro/An---tagonist xD
Don't get xperia J. My friend has it and it is very laggy. Sure it looks good and the screen isn't bad but android experience on it is bad.


Feeling Gravity
For your sis I would Advise you to get Nokia Lumia 620 as she may not be using all those apps. and essential apps are available in WP8 too IMO.
For you if you are using Lots of app then get Xperia L.
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