Help needed to set up a home theatre

TV : Sony Bravia KLV-26S400A
Home Theatre : Sony BDV-E3100
A local DTH set top box

OK what I need is that the audio of set top box should be played via the home theatre instead of TV speakers.

TV & Home theatre connected via HDMI
TV & DTH connected via HDMI.

This configuration doesn't help with what I want, so I used standard AV cables (yellow white red ones) to give audio input from TV to home theatre. In this config, my TV's speakers gets turned off with a message "Audio System Active", but no sound is played by the home theatre system

Help me out guys.

Note: There is no 3.5mm jack in my home theatre but there is one in my TV


Right off the assembly line
Connect your DTH coaxial out to home theatres coaxial in. Or connect DTH to home theatre using S/PDIF PORT


Gear up ...
What if I connect my TV & home theatre using this cable?
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What ports does your set top box support.. Do they support direct RCA out for individual speakers ? If so, just get a couple of RCA cables and join your subwoofer to your Settopbox
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