VR Gaming experience at GDC 2014


Eve Valkyrie on the OCULUS VR,

You are inside a spacecraft inside the mother ship and checks are done, then you are launched out real fast at very high velocity! My absolute reaction was WOW WTF! Also the xbox controller gives you feedback at the launch, that felt damn good..

The first time I played it, my head went into a spin, I lost complete sense of direction, I stopped spinning my spacecraft and started to turn it slowly to get used to it!! Was completely visually immersed into Space! That was amazing..

This game actually puts you at the center of the game 3d world.. you can turn around with your head and see stuff... I played it for about a total 10 minutes, loved every moment of it.

Then I played an FPS/RPG type game, this also puts you at the center of the world, I had a tough time playing this game..it was really weird that I had to press a button to walk forward, there was a disconnect in my mind, since I was visually immersed, but stuck to seat yet walking in the world before my eyes..

I played a sword fighting game, in a living room you are seated with a friend on the couch next to you.. and there are 2 characters in front of you, and they battle it out. It was just you being dropped into a 3d world and you control 2 toys... wasn't that impressive..

Project Morpheus, I could not get my hands on this thing, since Sony had stupid rules and you had to queue early at 7am to get the demo tickets at GDC.. However people told me the EVE Valkyrie was much better on Oculus, so I did not bother.

Other stuff I did at GDC, partied with Developers from crytek, valve, blizzard, unreal engine devs :p


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Playing dead space and turning around to see a necromorph going for your neck will be pretty terrifying.
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