Sothink Video Converter Help Needed


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Dear Forum,

I have a hollywood movie with dual audio (Hindi & English) in mkv format. I played it on my pc with vlc media player. It can be played in both english or hindi. Now i want to convert it in 3gp format to view in my mobile. I convert it with "Sothink video converter". it converts it perfect but only with english audio. What settings shud i use to convert it with hindi audio....???

Please help !


I use Xmedia Recode for such tasks.
1. select the source file
2. select the Profile/format
3. go to "audio" tab and select the Hindi audio stream as the source. click on ">" arrow button.
4. click on "+" or add job button on the top.
5. click on "encode" and wait for operation to be completed.
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