1. S

    My pixel 2XL finally gave up after 4 years. Looking for a phone below 40/50k that would serve the same purpose.

    I was really happy with my Pixel 2 XL which I had been using since the last 4 years and I was still using it but it's suddenly not switching on. I need a phone now that would give me the same performance, no lag even after long periods of usage and good battery life. 1. Budget? Would want to...
  2. D

    Google Pixel

    Google Pixel price 50k+. Anyone buying it? Looks like another iphone in the making considering the price tag.
  3. quicky008

    Found a dead pixel on my mobile phone's screen-what to do now?

    I have a galaxy grand phone which is only 3 months old.It has been working fine till date but today after i turned it on in the evening,i noticed a tiny black spot at the upper left corner of its screen that didn't exist earlier.Initially i assumed it was probably just a speck of dirt and so i...
  4. Harshverma

    Large Pixel Collider

    Introducing the Large Pixel Collider, a computer of uncomfortable power | PC Gamer Large Pixel Collider is Stupidly Strong and a Beast with 4XTitans , 64Gigs of Corsair Dominator , I7 4960X Check out the link
  5. Harshverma

    Large Pixel Collider

    Introducing the Large Pixel Collider, a computer of uncomfortable power | PC Gamer Large Pixel Collider is Stupidly Strong and a Beast with 4XTitans , 64Gigs of Corsair Dominator , I7 4960X Check out the link
  6. R

    DEAD PIXEL Dell S2240L

    Hi all, i just found a dead pixel on my screen , just one pixel hope more dont appear, is this common with LED monitors or sh i do something about it?
  7. E

    tablet under 15k

    hello!!!! i need a tablet under 15k.i will use the tablet mainly for surfing internet ,watching hd videos(on youtube as well),listening to music and gaming.i have shortlisted some tablets like nexus 7,samsung galaxy tab 2(dont know if its under my budget),spice stellar mi-1010.i like mi-1010...
  8. quicky008

    What policy does Samsung India have for dead pixels?

    My Samsung B2030 LCD monitor has developed one dead pixel at the center of the screen-I've tried various methods to revive the stuck pixel but they have been of no use whatsoever.While looking for possible solutions to this issue on the web,I discovered that in countries like...
  9. TechnoHolic

    Blue Stuck Pixel On New Samsung Monitor

    I've purchased a new samsung LED monitor on 1-1-2013,but i'm so unlucky..:cry: there is a super-tiny blue stuck pixel in the right side..it is noticeable when a black screen applied as wallpaper and on "check signal status" with full brightness and contrast.. is it really true that this stuck...
  10. N

    15k mobile

    Dear sir/madam, I have buy new mobile phone in near about rs 15000..but i have confused which one is best for me. I want following features in my phone. 1. good sound quality in head phone 2. android / windows 3. 3-5 mega pixel camera 4. 3-a...
  11. K

    Dead Pixel or Dust Under the Screen of iPad-3 ?

    I faced this so checking if others here also had this problem. In the last couple of months or so anybody who has bought the New iPad(iPad-3)in the last 1-2 months, has there been any dust (Maybe a tiny one) or a dead pixel under the screen ? Did you get a replacement ? was it a Brand new one ?
  12. M

    Asus VK278Q LCD monitor.. very unlucky:P

    Got 11 struck pixels on the monitor :OO then ran the struck pixel fixer and it fixed it. now i want to replace the damn monitor !! cause the struck pix are not much visible but they are there hiding .. called up asus the guy shall be coming today to check that hope he has good eye sight ...
  13. T

    Belle Hangs

    I thought the Belle update would solve the Symbian Anna hangs of Nokia 500, but after 3 months of the update, it has again started giving the same hang problems. Happens about once a week, while doing simple tasks as browsing or watching videos online. Same hang, and then screen goes dark pixel...
  14. quicky008

    Issue with dead pixel on lcd monitor-please help.

    For a while,I've been noticing that there's a very tiny dot on the upper right corner of my samsung b2030 monitor that is always dark-i have checked it properly and it does not appear to be a fleck of dirt on the screen or a piece of dried snot.So it seems that this tiny dark spot is actually a...
  15. sygeek

    New Algorithm Impressively Depixelates Pixel Art

    New Algorithm Impressively Depixelates Pixel Art In a new research paper, Microsoft’s Johannes Kopf and The Hebrew University’s Dani Lischinski describe a new algorithmic method for converting pixel art into sweet, smooth vectors. In the examples above, each of the images in the middle show...
  16. nilanko

    Dark spot on LED screen - WTF?!

    My dad's ThinkPad L412 has got a small dark spot on its screen. It's not completely black, it's a grey irregular shaped (almost circular) spot. I thought it was a dirt particle so I tried cleaning but that didn't help. The spot's diameter is hardly half millimeter and is hardly noticeable except...
  17. yours_majesty

    Microsoft LifeCam Studio

    Up for sale is Microsoft LifeCam Studio, it was gifted by my niece who bought it from the USA about 2 weeks back, absolutely UNUSED, only opened the box once then had it packed back as I dont need it. Its Full HD (1080p) 8 Mega Pixel stunning webcam from Microsoft. I guess it still needs to be...
  18. K

    Digicam Urgent Suggestion

    I am going to buy a good compact Digital Camera with following Features 10-12 Mega pixel, 10-12X optical zoom, Optical image stabilization,HD Picture & Very compact features. My Budget is <=15K I have chosen some models 1. Fujifilm FinePix S1800 2. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 3. Canon...
  19. H

    techicall , strange and tricky comparison about Monitor

    Okay folks , just tell me what's the difference between an IPS LCD TV and IPS PC MONITOR . Both 10 bit display . Having same resolution 1920*1080 I know tv have larger pixel pitch , but besides that ? what are the other differences !! what's your answers guys ?? :bounce: Anyone??? :ohyeah:
  20. deepakgates

    graphics dilemma

    Okay .. Im buying this dell 15R But Im confused weather i should go for graphics card with : DX 10.1 , Pixel Shader 4.1, Vram 1 gig or DX 11 , Pixel Shader 5, Vram 512 mb for entry level gaming!! waitin!!
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