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  1. ajaybc

    The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities

  2. george101

    BREAKING NEWS: The Pirate Bay Sold For $7.8 Million

    Today, Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB has announced it has acquired The Pirate Bay website for 60 million SEK, which is roughly the equivalent of $7.8 million USD. This was almost immediately confirmed by The Pirate Bay. Although the title of their post is entitled “TPB...
  3. paroh

    Pirate Bay to be a pay site

    newly hired executive for The Pirate Bay has revealed that users will pay a monthly fee to access the soon-to-be legitimate site. Wayne Rosso, the former Grokster president and Mashboxx founder hired to head acquisitions for The Pirate Bay, wouldn't disclose pricing details in a CNet interview...
  4. naveen_reloaded

    The Pirate Bay Sold To Software Company !!TPB DEAD!!

    According to gaming company Global Gaming Factory X, it is in the the process of acquiring The Pirate Bay for $7.8m (SEK 60 million). The acquisition is scheduled to be completed by August and will see the site launch new business models to compensate content providers and copyright owners...
  5. NucleusKore

    Pirate Bay retrial call rejected

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8121680.stm A Swedish court has thrown out a request for a retrial by the four men behind The Pirate Bay website. The four were found guilty of promoting copyright infringement in April and face jail sentences and hefty claims for damages...
  6. naveen_reloaded

    TPB Closer to a Retrial, Demands New Investigation

    The connections of Pirate Bay judge Tomas Norström to national and international pro-copyright lobby groups are even more far reaching than initially reported. Consequently, many leading figures within the Swedish judicial system are now convinced that a retrial is necessary so the defendants...
  7. naveen_reloaded

    TPB supporters Bring down Another site!

    During the Pirate Bay trial Monique Wadsted represented several major movie studios and called for a “very significant” prison sentence for the defendants. This didn’t go down particularly well with some Pirate Bay supporters and now, in a retaliatory move, a few of them have now taken down her...
  8. naveen_reloaded

    Judge Biased ! TPB Appeals for ReTrial !

    One of the biggest cases in file-sharing history ended last week with The Pirate Bay Four sentenced to huge fines and jail time. Today it is revealed that far from being impartial, the judge in the case is a member of pro-copyright groups - along with Henrik Pontén, Monique Wadsted and Peter...
  9. A

    Time to pay back

    Directly quoted from: http://trial.thepiratebay.org/2009/02/16/publish-as-us-in-your-country/#more-171 OK, Internets! Time to start working some for those downloads. We want you to copy and translate our op-editorial to your language and send it to your papers. It was published earlier today...
  10. Faun

    Pirate Bay joy at charge change

    Half of the charges levelled at the founders of the Pirate Bay file-sharing site have been dropped. Swedish prosecutors dropped charges relating to "assisting copyright infringement" leaving the lesser charges of "assisting making available copyright material" on trial day two. Pirate Bay...
  11. NucleusKore

    India praised for sinking pirates

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7739171.stm An anti-piracy watchdog has welcomed the destruction of a suspected Somali pirate vessel in the Gulf of Aden by an Indian navy warship. INS Tabar sank the pirate "mother ship" after it did not stop for investigation and instead...
  12. naveen_reloaded

    The Pirate Bay Tops 20 Million Peers

    The Pirate Bay has reached yet another milestone. :cool: Today, they track more than 20 million unique peers for the first time since the site was launched. It is estimated that the Pirate Bay tracks more than half of all BitTorrent users at any given point in time...
  13. naveen_reloaded

    The Pirate Bay to sue Anti-Piracy agencies?

    Man .. i love Pirate Bay :rolleyes: for having guts to stand up against those Corporate D!ck heads....:p :p :p Note : When Torrent is of much debate today.. i think we here in Thinkdigit shouldnt Stop users from discussing about torrents... Hence i request mods to think about the issue...
  14. techtronic

    TORRENT FANS - IFPI Forces Danish ISP to Block The Pirate Bay

    The battle between the IFPI and the Pirate Bay continues. A Danish court ruled in favor of the IFPI, and ordered the Danish ISP “Tele2″ (DMT2-Tele2) to block all access to the popular BitTorrent tracker. The Pirate Bay, currently ranked 28th in the list of most visited sites in Denmark, is...
  15. kumarmohit

    Pirate Party

    OK Guyz, While we still have intelligent copyright laws in India, I think that it is necessary that we must strive to maintain status quo. We can not expect this to happen unless we start working in this area before we have to start facing problems like DRM and net neutrality. I therefore...
  16. soumya

    iPod - The Pirate Bay Edition

    Guys, just check out the link. It's quite kewl.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/max-aretz/2129222481/
  17. iMav

    Go Pirates Go

    The Pirate Bay, the world's largest torrent tracker hastaken up a surprisingnew residence. The site, which hosts over 630,000 torrents, movedaboard the domain ifpi.com, which formerly belonged to the International Federation of thePhonographic Industry (IFPI). While many may be unfamiliar with...
  18. shady_inc

    Now I understand pirates!!!

    Ahoy,Avast ye me mateys. Talk like a pirate http://www.talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html
  19. Choto Cheeta

    Catch that Pirate

    Came by email... thought sharing... !!!!
  20. aryayush

    The Pirate Bay to Launch YouTube Competitor

    Published: Yesterday, @ May 18, 2:30 PM Author: Smaran Some believed the video site might evolve from the idea that is Playble.com — a free music site started by Brokep of The Pirate Bay and the Swedish rock band Lamont — that aims at compensating artists directly and cutting out record...
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