1. Soumik

    Suggestion for best small sized cam

    Hi, I want to buy a cam in another 45 days or something. No specific budget, but hopefully within 25K. Requirement : I like taking pics. But not seriously interested in photography as a hobby. I want a cam which i can carry with me easily, dont need a huge amount of care, but should...
  2. arsenalfan001

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    1. Model number and details: Sony Ericsson LT15i or Xperia Arc - silver black color. With whole box, containing the mobile, charger + usb cable, hdmi out, 8GB card, bundled original headphone, bill, manuals 2. Date of purchase:08-04-2011 3. Reason for sale: Need cash urgently 4. Warranty...
  3. S

    Need help with folder lock

    Hello, I have encrypted alot of files in Folder lock version 6.5.5 (windows 7). I forgot the password and now i can't get my files back :cry: Its important files like traveling pictures and other pictures. I would be very happy if anyone could help me recover the files or find any...
  4. Journey

    Looking for good and easy-to-use Photo album programs

    Hello all, I have two kids and a ton of relatives. I have pictures of all of them plus some very old pictures of my great-grandfathers which are very old but still kind of cool. I have recently started scanning and saving all the pictures in digital form in my PC for future generations to...
  5. D

    Problem with Monitor

    My monitor is widescreen TFT LCD. It displays all the pictures from my digicam squeezed vertically. Can anybody help?
  6. abhidev

    HTC 'Leaking' Pictures of its New Phone?

    It all started with Engadget receiving a picture which showed only a part of device. A few hours later, Slashgear was sent a picture from the same source. All this was followed by Gizmodo and Android Central getting another piece of the puzzle. The Phone looks similar to the HTC incredible...
  7. V

    Notion Ink 'Adam'-Easter egg reveal release Date!

    For the past one week the tech worldis buzzing about forth coming Notion Ink Adam's release date..CEO Rohan is not giving any information out right..Rohan is very mysteriously teasing and joking in his blog, releasing some bit there and some pictures there .. Oh the time is ticking away.. but...
  8. tanush_89

    Website designing problem

    Hey guys, I've been searching a lot but I couldn't understand the working many websites like this one: Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper Please can anyone explain me how I can edit pictures according to what user demands? Which technology is this ? I hope I can get an answer Tanush
  9. S

    Abnormal system status

    Hi Guys, Please hv a look at the following pictures and tell me is it ok or else?? * * *
  10. sibot

    Samsung Blackjack II - I617 - 3G HSDPA - GPS - QWERTY - WinMo - Like New

    Hey, I have a Samsung Blackjack II, its about 1.5 years old, but its in pristine, sparkling new condition. The phone has been barely used for a month and once for a week as a GPS device. The phone is light, sleek, has a qwerty keyboard, looks good and feels good. The phone runs on Windows...
  11. D

    want to set up a pc based home surveillance unit

    Hi everybody, i want set up a home surveillance system (for monitoring outdoor, like porch, gate etc) using my pc and webcam. i have a creative WebCam vista, i tried setting up using webcamXP, yawcam & webcam monitor 5.21(trial). all of them gave grainy pictures at night and the motion detection...
  12. S

    'My Pictures' folder busted :((

    Hey Guys! My little nephew dragged 'My Pictures' folder to some other folder. When I saw the folder missing with my last 7 years of photographs, I freaked out and first thing I did was to copy the whole 'My Pictures' folder from my backup drive, into 'My Documents'. Few days later, I realised...
  13. desiibond

    New Zune HD press shots emerge showing black and silver color options, true freedom f

    Zune HD interface and media playback demoed on video * There are two dozen pictures of new ZuneHD: link: * few shots:
  14. NucleusKore

    Now woman circulates man's nude pictures

    Source: * A Malaysian man is appealing to his former girlfriend to stop circulating his nude pictures and to destroy them. Ng Lum Heng, 44, has sought the help of the Malaysian Chinese Association...
  15. moshel

    Cheap Digicams

    please suggest me a cheap digicam. but ofcourse from good manufacturers, preferably Canon. All i want the cam to do is take good quality pictures. I was very much satisfied with my Sanyo Xacti 4.1mp digicam (R.I.P)... budget is abt 3k-4k.
  16. Goku DBZ

    Post the pictures of your favourite cartoons.

    Cartoon Network/Hungama/Disney/Jetix/POGO/Animax/Boomerang
  17. D

    Color management problem

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium and my monitor is Samsung Syncmaster 1200NF (CRT monitor). I ran the setup program that came with monitor and Vista shows the monitor correctly in "Dispaly Prperties". But pictures seem different when I open them in Adobe Photoshop CS4 or Corel Photopaint X4...
  18. G

    FS: Seagate PATA 160 GB

    Got RMAD Seagate 160 GB PATA. Tested once and working fine. In Static Bag. Still 2.5 years of warranty left. Rs.1550/- Shipped all over India. Courier through First Flight in Economy Class Packaging included in price. Pictures Link:- *
  19. Stuge

    Commonwealth Queens baton Relay Function ,Delhi

    These are few pictures, I took (Just a glimpse of what happened and a video too ). Mascot : Shera I could have posted these pictures in the photography section ,but I felt this function requires special attention :clap: :clap: :cool2:
  20. A

    Urgent Help Needed about quality of picture - I bought Weaspro DS 8060S

    Urgent Help Needed about quality of picture - I bought Weaspro DS 8060S When i click pictures with 8 mp or 5 mp or 2 mp the picture quality is ok but not good when i click pictures with mine hand moving very very little the pictures comes very shaky other thing is that when i click...
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