1. S

    Grand Clearance Sale - Q6600 Based PC (CPU+MB+RAM+GPU+Earphones) ;)

    All items will be shipped from CHANDIGARH Prices as mentioned below Q6600 Purchase Date - 16 October 2008 Purchased from - Computer Federate Chandigarh Warranty - 2 years and 8 months warranty remaining -Original bill will be provided -Pictures Status - Not for sale anymore ABIT IP-35E...
  2. A

    Installing Windows 7

    Pictures Taken While Installing Windows 7. * Take look, its very good.
  3. J

    [FS] Western Digital 120GB 2.5” HDD with Transcend Store Jet Casing

    Hi Everyone, I am selling my Western Digital Scorpio 120GB 2.5” HDD along with Transcend Store Jet IDE casing. Both are purchased from Nehru Place, New Delhi around 15 months old, still in brand new condition. (Not a single scratch on casing!!) Reason of Selling: Don’t use it anymore...
  4. H

    Need help with resource hacker

    Hi, I am managed to change all the words and the icon of a program. But I cant seem to change the "About" Picture. I dont know what program it is, but I was just playing around with it. I attached the program below. If some one can please tell me how to change the picture when you click on...
  5. hahahari

    Make Some Extra Money From Your Blog

    Hi guys, The thing I do day long online is find out how to make more money. Yesterday I found a really cool thingy. If you got a blog with some traffic, then whenever you use pictures, upload the pictures to * Edited. Referral links not allowed...
  6. R

    Sportstracker reincarnated, gets LifeviNe

    New life tracking app. based on Sportstracker called LifeviNe (not available in Beta rit now but should be up soon). Its more about linking with people than about recording activities. Geo-tags all the media as you roam - pictures, music, videos etc and then uploads them to the site when you are...
  7. Liverpool_fan

    Wanted Web Host

    Hi There I want to buy some a Virtual Web Host mainly for setting a website(it would be Linix related and mainly for learning) It should be Linux based and I could use phpBB, wordpress, a wiki in it. I dont think I need huge bandwidth since I would offload pictures to PictureBucket, etc. But...
  8. Kl@w-24

    A site stole my content!!!

    I've only recently started blogging but I didn't realize that my blog has become so popular that other sites have started stealing entire posts from it!! Check out this page: * Notice how the pictures and text are overlapping...
  9. Pearl Groupz

    [56k Warning] Harry Potter Latest news updates by me..

    Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer now online! Youtube Link: * Headmaster is Gonna to Die In Half Blood prince...Check of the Trailer Latest pictures from Half Blood Prince: More Pictures updates: Child voldemort Picture...
  10. CadCrazy

    Microsoft’s Windows 95 Architect Is a Happy Mac Convert

    Software engineer Satoshi Nakajima, the lead architect of Microsoft’s Windows 95, picked up a Mac for the first time two years ago. He was so impressed, he says he’ll never touch a PC again. Satoshi loves Apple products so much, he started a company in April, Big Canvas, to develop for...
  11. go4saket

    Should I buy a SLR Camera?

    Hello friends! I am not a pro photographer nor do I intend to be one. I like clicking pictures, specially of family and stuff. I dont have much idea about photography stuff and at present have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P200. Since some time I am very much interested in buying a decent SLR camera as...
  12. S

    what is .psd file

    i have copied some pictures from my friends computer. But in the pictures folder there are some 02.psd, 03.psd, 04.psd, .... files. what are these files? if these are picture files how can i execute these files? please help.
  13. K

    Need a decent camera on low budget.

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to this forum, but I read digit very regularly. I wanted to join this forum long ago, but only today I got some spare time (as I'm sick and can't go to school). I hope to participate in the forums regularly. So, here's my story, I have Rs. 5000 in my hand...
  14. Z

    Sale: 2-3 New Branded Laptops at Cheap Prices

    Here's the deal Go to this link and download the zip file which contains pictures of the laptop * Select any laptop you want from the list and reply back. Once I get the reply, I would let you know the discounted price(ignore the price...
  15. S

    How do I change the icon of my pictures folder??

    I'm not able to change the icon of my pictures, my music etc....
  16. vamsi_krishna

    bioshock is comming as a movie

    the sic-fi game bioshock is comming as a moive. it seems that universal pictures has taken the move rights. source: *
  17. guest

    Alternative Gallery Software

    I had enough of the the gallery that comes with the n95, i shows all the pictures and videos from the folders that i dont want it to show Please tell me there is another software which can show both pictures and videos from the folders i specify Thanks
  18. V

    Urgent Help Needed For Recovering Lost Data

    Hi, I mistakely formatted a hard disk which contained some important pictures. It was divided into two partitions: C => 10gb and D => 60 gb. The pictures were in D. But to install Vista i repartitioned drive C to 20gb and rest of space to D drive. NOW is there any way by which i can...
  19. go4saket

    Photo sharing site???

    Hi Guys! Can someone please suggest some good and reputed photo sharing site with good/unlimited amount of space. I know about Flicker and Picasa, but both have limitations in their free account. Flicker allows only 100MB per month and Picasa allows a total of 1GB. My pictures are of about 4-5...
  20. Jack_Vorobey


    Hey) Guys, I want to share with you.. I found a good tool , called VidMorph. It can create, crop and resize the pictures, and save it into popular media format: avi, wmv, flv, swf.... it's very funny!!
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