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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc


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1. Model number and details: Sony Ericsson LT15i or Xperia Arc - silver black color. With whole box, containing the mobile, charger + usb cable, hdmi out, 8GB card, bundled original headphone, bill, manuals

2. Date of purchase:08-04-2011

3. Reason for sale: Need cash urgently

4. Warranty details: Indian Warranty - 1 year

5. Expected Price: 27K, non negotiable + shipping (if any) extra

6. Location of Seller: Bangalore

7. Pictures: Mods, I need your help with this. I do not have any other camera to take pictures. I have uploaded pictures of the box and accessories. Will upload the pic of the phone soon. Please do not close this thread.

I want to close the deal within 3-4 days, as I need the money very urgently. In case you are interested please pm me.

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A new one is available for 26.4k in ebay. You are quoting 27k + shipping charges.

Let me know if you intend to sell it for 22 to 23k.


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@webgenius: Not possible. losing 6k on a 2 weeks old device is not worth it

One of the disadvantages of selling anything second-hand, no matter how recently bought. I don't think you will get a better deal than 22-23K. I m trying to sell an untouched box-packed Linksys ADSL router + modem that cost me 4500/- for 1500/- and still can't find a buyer.

Try putting it up on eBay and see if someone bites. Of course, you will be charged listing fees and so on and so forth by eBay, and you will be paying a percentage of your earnings to eBay if you do find a buyer there. So in the end what you will have in hand will be around 22-23K.


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Lot of arguments about the price, eh!!! Its ok guys, we have different views to things. No need to fight.

22-23K, well, too low for me. I am not selling it for the sake of it, I need money. But if I dont get the price right, I dont want to sell.

About dual core and quad core, I see no point now. This one is FAST. And with Android running all the apps in the background all day, I do not see how the dual core and quad cores are going to last half a day without power (Mobile or Landline !!!!!). It is a different issue, will discuss it later.

About this thread, I will see the offers till EOD tomorrow. If nothing is good enough, will close it. Any offers, please PM me. And no fighting :)

Thanks for your suggestions guys.


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